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Hey Zac,

Thanks for the mention, nice post.. I must say that still many people think that money can not be earning from a blog!

I went to check your Blog Earning category and i see that you haven't shared recently, I am guessing it's because of the busy life!

P.S. The MonthlyIncomeReport.com blog is a fantastic resource, I love it!

Oh, and I have something cool to share with you, I will email you soon!
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Hey Ileane,

haha.. nice one, I like the character a lot :)
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Thank for the good post, I have many friends who are business owners, their businesses depends 90% on the internet, they were suffering a lost a lot of money during the revolution!

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I second you on this, DiTesco have done wonderful job on his guide for migrating from Blogger to Wordpress!

It's a must ready as it's the recent that I know of!

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This is great news Gera, and don't worry about networking, I am sure that most of your friends will wait your return from this job :)

Here is my recommendations:

Before anything, get yourself a free WP blog at WordPress.com, this will help you a lot to get used to WP before kicking it! Second thing is to install WP on your sever a way from your blog to test it first and again get used to it!

Then here you go...

- Try to keep your domain names a way from your hosting service (If you can), I recommend GoDaddy to buy domain names!

- For hosting, I recommend BlueHost shared hosting as a start because they are fast, Also Hostgator is good because they have good support!

- Try to focus on moving your posts first, then do comments latter if you want to go WP commenting system! So, don't worry about comments at this level!

- For WP themes, I really can not recommend free theme as I don't use them, so trust me on this one, check out ElegantThemes and get yourself an account (It's not that expensive), I am sure you will find it useful as hell to get this one, they have over 50 themes now, and they are great!

- WP plugin, this is a long story, but I have a few blog posts that mention all plugins we are using at FamousBloggers that can inspire you! Do a little search there and you will find it! (email me as well if needed)

Of course I will be glad to guide you through if you need any help!

You know how to reach me :)

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Great guys, looking forward to ti!
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Liane, I know that you might leave the blog, but our great relationship will never end at that point!

I have been a reader and a fan of betterbloggingforbloggers.com for more than 2 years as I remember, and it's one of the best blogs I had my blogging education on!

I wish best of luck for you, and to who will take over this awesome blog!
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Nice Links Gera, thank you for the Luv buddy, I wish you a great weekend ;)
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Extremely good idea!

My mistake when I first started blogging was when I created 0% original content blog, I used to write a description of a post and link to the original posts, exactly like the automated blog idea (I hate it so much), but I was doing it manually, then my blog got PR of 3 and lots of traffic which leaded to some earning from adsense! now I have terminated this blog completely and removed all it's content from the internet!

That time I was doing the work before reading how to do it, I was blogging with out knowledge of what is blogging!
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