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You've been missed, bro.

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Does anyone else find it passing strange Selig's decision to have the All-Star Game outcome determine home field advantage for the World Series has not been reversed?

Is there any evidence this decision led to higher TV ratings?

Is there any evidence the managers or players have tried any harder to win?

Some of the baseball owners know their asses from third base. Why haven't they put on their big boy pants and forced Bud to retreat from a decision that was bad on the day it was made?

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Scipio Spinks-In the conversation for top ten all-time coolest baseball name. Pitched for the Astros and the Cards from 1969-1975. Was becoming a dominant pitcher when he collided with Johnny Bench at home plate and tore up his knee.

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Miller should have received a bonus every year for sharing a booth with Joe Morgan. Now that Morgan's history, maybe we can hope Tim McCarver is next?