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The "silliness" photo at the end, oh my goodness! By far, the best. Made me smile into my morning coffee, a lovely start to my day. That photo may not say "these are our best faces" but it sure says "this is fun, sisterly love!" Speaking as someone with one younger sister, I wish I had a photo like this of her & myself. Perhaps it's not too late? Tho I confess, we may not be as cute being silly in our 40s, HA!
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Particularly nice to me, as I was her, many years ago... still am, I suppose, but it a larger & older package by now ;-) The tiny bright girl amid all that surrounding earth-toned environment is really interesting artistically, I think!

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Oh my, how I chuckled at your confession of being a poor student when your husband is teaching. "A trap," indeed! We have that same trouble here & then some. Like you, I tend to boo-hoo-hoo when he teaches me (when I don't understand or if I feel he's condescending). When he wants me to teach him something, there are no tears -- instead, he gets snippy & tries to negate whatever I say, HA!

Apparently, you are an excellent learner cuz your subsequent moons are lovely! Annie sure knows a photographer when she sees one.

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Yes, one's perspective is relative. For me, running fail = didn't go at all. I'm in NH & we're not used to lasting temps in the 90s. I switched to some biking this week, if even that. At least I cool off a bit during the downhills. I haven't run since last week.

"Slow" run times? Again, everything's relative. My personal best for a 5K was 28:27, but I'm usually a solid 10 min. mi. & then some. I excuse it because I just started running 2 yrs. ago... and I'm 20 yrs. older than you... so I got a late start ;-)

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Farmer's market is always a super choice too :-) You get fresh "pick of the litter" produce, don't have to pay for a whole growing season upfront, get exactly what you want in quantity & items, & you're still buying local, which is better for a greener world... everybody wins!

OK, I now promise to NOT comment on your site for at least 6 months, HA!

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...last continued...
Sorry about the long comment, but I get very excited to see others coming to know the benefits of local food :-) Providing our own nation's people with food that isn't so oil dependent (no transportation & no use of petroleum-based fertilizers), yet is affordable & accessible to all... it's so, so important. Again, great post!

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You have a great attitude about the "fun factor" of never knowing what will be in the basket. I am like this too -- how many delicous new salads you can make with all that lettuce? or how many good recipes you can find for chard or tomatillas? HA!
Perhaps you can consider sharing a half-share with a friend? That's what I did in my final years, when our garden was supplying me with plenty of food, but I was reluctant to abandon supporting my beloved CSA farmer. My neighbor was single & didn't want too much produce, but was happy to go in with me. It cut the cost of a half-share in half again for each of us, we both found the weekly quantity managable, and best of all -- it gave us an excuse to meet one evening a week, to divide up our goodie basket & chat about recipes! Who doesn't like to talk about food? HA! ...and just one more continued...

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A note about price: most people feel CSAs can be expensive & certainly, costs of membership vary as do "share" sizes. But if one compares the cost of organic produce in the store (organic to organic, to be fair) & the volume of food you get, I have found that I actually make out. But I confess, I rarely let anything go bad. I find ways to preserve, make meals ahead & freeze, etc. If one is not inclined to manage this & ends up tossing stuff, yes, it could become expensive. ...continued...

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Great post! I have belonged to CSAs previously, but now, do not... only because over the years we have expanded our veggie garden to become a CSA for others, if I wanted to. And we do not have a family, it's just me & my husband. I grow excess to can, freeze, dry & root-cellar for use throughout the year -- I haven't bought pickles, potatoes, onions or tomato sauce in years! When I feel lazy about preserving during certain crop booms ("I think 50 quarts of dills is plenty, the cukes can stop now"), I simply donate the excess to our local food bank. Food banks do not get fresh organic produce very often, so they LOVE to see me coming with a bag of too-much freshly picked anything :-) ...continues...

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Wow, great post! Timely lessons for me as a blog reader, actually. Case in point: been trying to connect with runners lately. Been scanning links from FitBloggin's attendee list since March, in search of my own "wolf pack" to "follow"... ie. women over 40 who are relatively new to running/fitness, but on an "anything-goes" diet, like myself.

My search went like this: "she's 24" (hit rejection buzzer), "she's vegan" (buzzer), "she's already doing marathons" (nix), "hey, this blogger's male!" (out) It's no surprise that my search was mostly unproductive, eh?

Your post here spurs me to revisit some fit-sites with fresh eyes, if I truly want to be open to changes in my body... and my mindset! Someone shouldn't have to be "an exact match" for me to learn something. LowFatCat's quote above is dead-on, for blogs & beyond. I should sticky-note it to my forehead :-)