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Fred, I use Carlsons as well, I drink it straight from the bottle, zero issues, tastes fine.

I can't be bothered taking a gazillion caps.

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6lbs of LBM for somebody only a shade over 100lbs anyway is an insane gain in that time scale.

Especially from somebody already in shape.

Fantastic job.

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Best description of creatine I've seen, thanks Hugo.

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Hi Bill, we were a bit alarmed when we saw your link, especially seeing as we own the product and know full well it's not a scam in anyway.

Did you read that complaints page carefully ?

It was from people who say they didn't get delivery, there are about 10 complaints total.

What you need to understand is this, a diet / workout program which sells tens of thousands of copies yearly, will have a tiny percentage of people entering their e-mail incorrectly so they don't get the download link and so on, this happens all the time. Then they go into insanity mode and start throwing their arms in the air instead of just contacting the vendor, it's pretty absurd to suggest that a product selling tens of thousands of copies a year which has a flawless Better Business Bureau report actually doesn't exist and all they do is take people's money with no product.

What on earth would be the point of us reviewing it , we would simply avoid it like the plague, and review products that arn't scams.

It doesn't make a product a scam, lets use the word scam when something actually is.

We have actually purchased this product ourselves we know 100% it's legitimate, where do you think the entire review came from, that we guessed it ???

We allowed your comment because it's worth people seeing that the only complaints against this program are not that it didn't work or that the quality wasn't good but that a few people managed to not get delivery, that happens with every electronic type report in existence.

FBF is a best seller on Clickbank , has a flawless Better Business Bureau record, and zero complaints at Clickbank.

Sorry but it's very misleading to call something a scam based on a few people who didn't receive their e-book immediately.

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yeah, not seeing a downside , good article as well.

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This article belongs to Will Brink and should be credited as such.