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The Swords&Sworcery and Machinarium are really my favourite soundtracks of them all! The hole bundle is worth the price even only just for those two. But I really enjoyed the Thunderbeam soundtrack with its weird mix of retro psychedelia and more modern electronic sound. Of course there are some titles I didn't totally love, but I think most of them are great, and there's something for everybody's taste.
I've been supporting this whole game bundle thing for some time now and have discovered some great titles this way. I've bought some of my favourite games through the humble indie bundles&nbsp ;

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I don't think it matters that much if this thing really works or not right now.
If it's not working now, it will be working soon, I'm sure of it. Because once an idea is in people's heads, it's hard to get it out. And people have this idea in their head and the technology is probably ripe enough to transform it into a working hardware-software combo.
It also doesn't matter that much why you should want to have a DAW on an iPad. It might make sense in some cases and probably not make sense in many others. It's probably cutting some corners to get all the audio computation going in realtime (how will the actual sound quality be?). It won't replace your studio software (how is a 10" screen not going to frustrate you after 20 minutes of work?) and the UI Design needs to get rid of all the legacy interaction patterns that come from the old WIMP paradigm, which really does not make any sense on a multi-touch based device like the iPad. So I certainly won't sell my MBP and get an iPad just for this one software, traditional computers still have a lot of advantages.
Still, I'm sure it will make some sense on the long run, because things don't have sense per se, we give that sense to them.
What this Auria is doing is basically opening a door, starting a trend, showing a possibility and others will follow. As tablets, slates, and traditional computers progressively melt into one platform (because that's the evolution we are currently seeing) we'll probably see how traditional DAW software will adapt to the new form factors and input methods. If the market finally produces something like a 27" touch based iMac thing, then probably it will be something that replaces your studio. 
And btw. If this is really working, it means some unknown independent developer has beaten Apple in its own territory, and that's really something to be happy about!  :)

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was about to say the same! :) I think stretta's works a bit different, still, both seem like great ways to get a certain sound out of anything.

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btw. I think the new commenting system is a great improvement, now I can post comments again! For the good and the bad... :) thanks for sorting this out!

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Well, I can't imagine this having a good effect on the market on the long run. Apple is clearly following a dumpring price strategy here. Not many companies can afford to sell a product for less than 10% of the actual value.I'm wondering what they want to achieve with this. Are they trying to kill competition? Are they trying to attract as many people as possible to the app store? Is it just holiday sales time?

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I agree it's a bit expensive for the type of product it is and the features it has... 200-250 would be a more appropriate price. though it sounds pretty good I'd say!

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Well I get your point, and I totally agree that Jobs had an important role in all of this, and I don't want to question his abilities as a CEO and as a marketing guy. Still, all of the things you mention are not really his merit alone, Apple has always been great at selling stuff, but they have made really few inventions, if at all. And all of the things you mention are no revolutions, merely the incremental evolution of the IT sector. What I want to say is just this: marketing makes no revolutions, it just sells products. And while that is fine, I'd just like things to be called by its name.

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not to say That Jobs didn't to a good job at Apple, or that the iPad was/is not a milestone in the history of computing... but a revolution is something different. It's Gheddafi getting kicked his butt out of Libya, it's the invention of the anti-gravity engine, it's people colonizing the moon... or a new economic system that replaces capitalism. Revolutions change the world, they change it radically. the iPad just capitalizes on changes that have already started long before it was even thought of. Nowadays I feel like everything is called a revolution just because the marketing guys have overused the term so much that we call it a revolution when we take a shorter dump in the morning.
Again, it's not against Jobs or Apple... I'm just fed up hearing the word revolution used for things that aren't such.

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nice products tend to be expensive and polarizing :) I must say that while I wouldn't buy one, I find the device quite fascinating! I mean if I were rich I would totally buy one just for the look of it.

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oh I see! That explains it indeed... :)
btw. I'm all for customizable gear...