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the only ones missing are Delonte West and Gloria James. Let the party begin

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I think we can agree that there needs to be some sort of middle ground. Women need to realize that men are men or at least are supposed to be so let's allow them to grow. Ever realized how a man with an over powering mother or sisters don't really grow or mature,he simply does as he is told? That is not a good thing

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I don't think that she is losing her edge, I think she is balancing life the right way. Not always going overboard with the wardrobe. She is now a wife and mother and is there are days when one should be able to just kick back and have a "blah kinda day"

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I love the fact that you post articles that we the average woman can relate to. I have suffered from acne scars from my teen years and still suffer from then now in my late 20's. I have just about every product on the planet only to be disappointed but a month ago I started the oil cleansing method and I have been very pleased with the results. Thanks for posting this again Danielle

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yes she was a beautiful girl but also a classic example of beauty and no brains. the chile needs Jesus. Her self esteem seems to be really low and she seems to be a bit out of touch with what is real and what is not. Just like Halle Berry, always looking for a man to complete her.

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Beautiful? what exactly does that word mean? Does it mean injecting your face with botox? or butt injections and boob jobs? Are we talking about that beautiful? Because if we are then you're right she is beautiful, but if we were talking about beautiful meaning being naturally beautiful and being comfortable in your own skin then you can't put that word and Kim Kadarshian in the same sentence. Obviously the girl is very insecure about herself and feels that she needs a man to keep her going. Thoughts like these make the younger generation doubt themselves.

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about time there's something for the ladies, I'm excited

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exactly. We as women dress a certain way to get certain reaction either from guys or gals. We dress to get compliments and some people don't know how to give compliments without being rude. Ladies do the same thing to guys, go to an Usher or Trey Songs concert, all they have to do is take off their shirts. They do it with the intention of getting a certain feed back

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I am a woman and here is my take on this. As women we know how our bodies are shaped and should keep in mind that we have parts that stick out of our clothes. As a nurse who had to sometimes work with prisoners I was told ahead of time to expect harassment from the men and to limit the level of harassment we were told no perfumes, hair in a bun, no make up, no nail polish and that our scrubs should be 1 size bigger than we would normally wear, no sleeveless shirts, no v-necks and the list goes on. Men think differently than women and we should all know that. She went into the dungeon literally, that's like a high school teacher coming to teach a class with no shirt on, what do you think will happen? As a journalist I am sure that the former Miss Spain knew what she was going to get in to.

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I hope that we all think about this at some point of during our relationships. I was once involved with the man of my dreams and everything was great but I moved away and he became a police officer. About two years after that he was involved in a horrible traffic accident that left him paralysed and without his left foot. His girlfriend told him that she can't be in a relationship and not knowing when they will next have sex. She packed her bags and left. He was devastated. I think we need to learn that intimacy is more than an act.