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Sometimes I think we see ourselves as bad parents more often than good parents and that spin is almost necessary to balance our own self critical view. I want to try and tell a bigger, more balanced story and I feel like I am able to do that but I find the good times are easier to write about and the tougher times endured outside the blog.

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Wow those are some great albums to start with. makes me feel dumb for starting with Journey and Phil Collins

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Is that 5 o'clock shadow too? He looks awesome

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Just amazing pictures of a super cute kid. Those eyes are striking

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As a SAHD I can say that the GTWD have it much tougher. It is easy to see how I am engaged with my kids because I have so much time to do it, but GTWD are just as engaged while managing a job at the same time. I have nothing but respect and admiration for you as a dad who is not only working to provide for his family, but also not leaving the parenting to the women and doing just as much to raise your kids. I tip my beer to you.
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Did the letter get all damp when you left it for the guys?

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I love how it looks like she just finished drawing that bee, looks like a great family time with the chalk

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That's a good looking family you got there. Great pictures

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All right I'll show my boobs, wait what is this about again?

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I hadn't been to the blog in a while, just getting the RSS feed so I didn't see the awesome changes, this looks great. Well done.
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