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Ann, I luv ya but sometimes you piss me off!_"Every time someone gets a divorce, Democrats think: We got a new Democratic voter! Every time a child is born out of wedlock: We got a new Democratic voter! And if the woman has an abortion — we got a new Democratic voter!"__Guess what? To a large extent this is your (Republicans) own damn fault!_Drop the fake "family values" stuff! The Bible Belt states have the highest divorce, teen pregnancy and teen STD rates by a larger margin

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It was a real event, I was there and was allowed to inject at least .9 cents.

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Jamie my friend, please look around L.A. at all of the Depression Era Public Works projects that still enhance the lives of Southern Californians; most especially look at the flood control system built by the Army Corp of Engineers in what could most decidedly be called a "Make Work" project, but one that actually BUILT something useful!
An incredible portion of the infrastructure that this nation built on to thrive in the last 80 years came from the various FDR era programs and projects; of course not all of them were worthwhile or worthy, that is not the point I am addressing.
Oh, and let us not forget where the NRA came from!

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I loved Tommi's opening remarks; too bad Jamie did not take the ball and run with it.
Is the point of these videos to work our issues and discuss ideas or, to have a game of "am NOT, besides YOU did it first!"?

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So here is MY take on it! : - )

The Slavery of a Muslimah Soul
Is Reflected Through Her Eyes

Eyes flowing with Tears unshed,
Growing resignation dimming the passion of her eyes.
Her “beauty” reduced to acts of servitude that degrade,
Overflowing with the need to comfort
The ones that deny her humanity.
She is like a blazing fire
Smothered beneath an ocean of inhumanity.
Her trust is to another’s strength,
Her slavery made glamorous;
Her ownership is preserved.
Taught to Fear Allah
She lives her life, each day a rape of her soul.

Self worth for her comes from outside,
Her beauty a reflection of her service
With patience and kindness toward
Those who will tolerate nothing less from her.

As she gives each drop of love that remains in her soul,
Look into her eyes and see the tears unshed,
She owes you less than she is owed
For her soul is stronger than yours;
Her true beauty will only be seen
When her bondage ends, for the Love of Allah! Corrupting the Sheeple of the World

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Great piece, I am saving it for future reference.

I found a disturbing poem about Muslimahs at

The beauty of a true Muslimah,
Is reflected thru her soul
Flowing with passion thru her eyes,
Growing in love with a glowing heart,
Revealing her internal beauty thru her acts,
Overflowing with love and comfort
As her life is full of compassion

She is like the tranquil hidden pearl,
Beneath the stormy wide ocean,
Her strength is her trust,
Her glamour is her modesty,
Her dignity is preserved,
Fearing Allah all the time
Living a life seeking Allah’s Redho and Love

Her aura of beauty is felt within
As she flourishes the lives of those she touches
With warmth and kindness
Her heart glowing with patience
As she nourishes the lives of those she touches
With understanding, sympathy and kindness
Her eyes glowing with love
As she binds hearts together
With her true beauty of sisterly love
In the name of love for Allah

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I have been talking about this group for quite a while but, even Wafa Sultan does not give them much chance of gaining a solid foothold against traditional Islam.
The US could be of great help; unfortunately our Congress and White House are part of the traditional Da'wa/Taqqiya machine:

The Congressional Muslim Staffers Association (CMSA) is run by a board of foreign born Muslims with VERY sectarian backgrounds yet claims to represent ALL Muslims who work for Congress:

"Any Muslim Congressional employee is considered a CMSA member regardless of their level of participation or the degree that they publicly identify themselves as “Muslim”." (this could be used to claim APOSTATES as amongst those they "represent"!

This is used to:
"Represent the social and political concerns and initiatives of the Muslim American community to Congressional Members, staffers, and other Federal officials. "

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I do not understand why Caroline Glick and Latma are not credited at all in the post or its tags.

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This is an interesting subject, but I think most professional religious types are far too bound up in theri own dogmas and doctrines to realy have a good take on the issue:
I am curently working on the 2nd edition of my book on the implications of modern science on the nature of God, the new version will be aimed at those with a less than college freshman level understanding of physics or theology. As such it will be about three or four times as long : - )

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Seriously, did you watch it? Her accent sounded pure American. Her folks are probably Presbyterians in Scarsdale and simply horrified at their darling dear's response to the freedoms of college life.