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Aww, Alex. I'm so sorry for the loss. I admire how you can draw positively from this, though. You're poem is remarkably apt, but uplifting.
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Alex, I love this. Maybe 'cause I identify so strongly. This is why I love the small town life, and can appreciate your desire to get out there for the best season of all.

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It seems odd that I would post as greentigress on blogspot... That's my wordpress sign in...

Then again, maybe it's changing.

My only option, that I see, is what to subscribe to.

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I really like what you did with this post! It's my favourite so far, and I've read a lot!

Probably didn't hurt that you posted Three Day's Grace... ;)

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somehow you managed to make that funny. And your photo is absolutely beautiful. I guess those early hours pay off.