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Agreed - but it was in a driving school I was at a few years ago. I thought the racy Camry was a nice touch :)

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Hey Rui,

Thanks for taking the time to add a well thought out comment. I think you may have taken my commentary somewhat too close to the heart and somewhat out of context.

To qualify myself, which I don't really need to do, I have many laps around CTMP at the wheel of front, rear and all wheel drive cars. I have years of competitive experience driving front wheel drive cars, including a season of performance rally. I have not competed in a pro race weekend as a driver.

I have absolutely nothing against karters or formula car drivers. I am simply pointing out that a front wheel drive vehicle behaves VERY much differently than a rear wheel drive car does. What is instinctual in a rear wheel drive car is the exact opposite of what needs to be done to save a front wheel drive car.

As I pointed out, there were no fewer that FIVE B-Spec drivers who went off in turn 9, in ONE SESSION, due to the same situation. This is not a coincidence. Simply one of experience. I stand by my comment that those of us who mentor young racers own it to them to teach the differences.

As for me missing the point, if you can find another mainstream, major market, Canadian auto journalist who has done more to promote grassroots motorsports in our country than I have personally in the past 5 years, I would LOVE to meet them.

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Thanks DB!

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John, I originally spoke with Greg through Facebook, but he seems to have vanished from there. Sadly, I did not get his email address.

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That is a DeKon Monza.

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Derfly, this was not hearsay, it was a press release!

Also, please notice the date on the post - March 27, 2010. You have your knickers in a not over news from 2 years ago!

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The "properly repair" a flood damaged vehicle means replacing ALL electrics. That in itself means the vehicle is worthless due to the cost. There is also the reality that mold and mildew attack every bit of soft trim, as there is no way for them to dry properly while still installed in the vehicle.

Then of course there is the other ugly reality that the sewer system backs up, allowing...umm...floaters, to cruise down the street. Nothing like fecal matter to make a car desirable!

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At the bottom of each post is a link to the complete series. There is also a block that says related posts that will likely include other Shutter Speed posts.

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Thanks AdlP!

The gas station was more than just cool, it was a cool statement next to a fuel sipping hybrid. No service for us though!