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So the thief comes into your home then steals all your money and the court awards him a bonus for doing it without shame?

Stop the world. I'd like to get off now.

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I think the word use "sterilize" is pretty much a euphemism. It is QE. It is printing of more money. It's a continue devalue of the dollar practice.

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I don't see how this is going to fix things. I know that it gives this sense of "breathing room" but this isn't going to solve it because too many people in Europe refuse to face the fact that debt is not being addressed and seem to have the view that it's more important than the people of the countries. And of course the people in Greece refuse to face their part in the problem. Until everyone stops kicking the can nothing will be solved.

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I hesitate to say that this will be our future is President Obama is re-elected. Frankly, I'm not so sure that we've not passed the point of no return already in regard to our future because of the entitlements and staggering debt that we have as a country. And given the President's latest Fiscal Year proposal it doesn't look to be getting any better.

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Exactly. Those funds didn't get vaporized. They didn't even get misplaced. If the LAW wanted to track it down they could do so in a matter of days if not minutes.

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What continues to boggle my mind is why we aren't hearing about criminal charges? The level of corruption for all this to take place is not legal, at least legal in the sense that I understand the law and morality. But then these are big bankers and apparently they are a different species.

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My bet is that it's a political move. He can't see it pass because Republicans would benefit if it would. Either that or there weren't enough union jobs to be created and it's a bargaining ploy.

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Do you have a link to the discussion? I'd like to listen to it or read the transcript.

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Probably looking out for themselves at this point.

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Now that's a take I hadn't seen until now. Soros.... Very interesting. One wonders if this isn't some kind of back handed payoff for some previous favors.