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We must not ever label students at only "one" term in their life studies to be "special ed" student as was I termed for only one term in a semester of the seventh Grade all because I had no interest in leaning due to some problems at home that were effecting me more significantly then the rest of my siblings. And because I had just broke the main bone in my left leg that attached to my ankle right before entering Junior High (7th Grade) school that was located in side the old High school. I had no interest in school. All I wanted to do was party with the boys and show out for attention. But, it was only later in college that revealed my deep interest in learning and my deep interest in in depth study. I had a GPA of 3.25 every semester except one at Holmes Community College between 1989 and 1994 (transcript noted in the above post and here http://kimig.tripod.com/kimgerredtranscript/index... And I far exceeded most everyone that I know in studying God's word in depth and scripture memorization outside of college. Then I went on to get my Florida Life and Variable Annuity Lic. (click here or copy and paste in the url http://kimig.tripod.com/kimgerredtranscript/flori... )In Florida (a state that was known to have the hardest test of any state due to the high senior citizen population that created the need for more insurance and annuities) in 1999. Then I went on to have my first book published in 2009 http://kimig.tripod.com/kimgerredtranscript/publi... , opened my own business in 2009 http://kimig.tripod.com/kimgerredtranscript/kim-g... So just because someone lives in a alcoholic home that effects the way they deal with life does not mean they have any learning disabilities. I took care of about 100 children in Tarpon Springs Florida between 2000 and 2005 https://plus.google.com/photos/117869302152031191...
And one of my children named "Roo" (named changed to protect the innocent) would never do his homework or show any interest in learning the piano. Instead he was an avid fisherman who loved to go to the beach, cast the net and catch bait then fish. He came from a problem home where the mother and step dad were never at home because they had gambling addictions and he was forced to stay with his grandma all the time and she spoiled him and never disciplined him. He was arrested by age nine for hitting a school teacher and he always had outburst of anger and temper tantrums due to his grandma always feeding him sugar, candy bars, potato chips and soda pops. It was not his fault, he was not a "special ed" student. He was improperly cared for. At my house he would eat what I ate. Fish and salad. He loved it and at it all up. It was his environment that caused his behavior NOT his ability or non ability to learn! There is a BIG difference there and my transcript is only more evidence of that.

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No! You cannot decide without entering into Moral and Religious Controversies about the moral status. It doesn't get anymore historical for politics in America then Sir Baron De Montesquieu who said that the law must always coincide with the natural laws of God which means procreation is the end to the means of the only natural sex which is ONLY between a man and a women. Speaking of the Baron here: "Hence he laid down this position, that there were laws of justice and equity before the establishment of positive laws: hence also he has proved that all beings had laws; that even before their creation they had possible laws; and that God himself had laws, that is, the laws which he himself had made." I have no problem with anyone wanting to live with or friend anyone one they want.... Hey, have sex anyway you want. But Marriage sanctity is between a man and a women as God ordained it when HE created male and female because it was not good that man should be alone. Had HE intended for man to be accompanied by another man he would have made male and male but since HE took the rib from Adam's side to create Eve HE could not have made Female and female. Resources: http://www.constitution.org/cm/sol-01.htm <span class="wrc_icon wrc11"></span>

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This really works! God's Word Will NEVER FAIL! HE Keeps HIS Promises!

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Recently, I attended a live V-Panel video webcast in quadruple video screen with professors and professionals from around the world in a discussion about sustainability. I was invited by @SmarterLeaders on Twitter. I think we should include people like that along with the @GatesFoundation and a few other @Gkimi/eco-friendly and find out what ideas, thoughts, inventions, data, or information that can be gathered and used. I love the idea of clean renewable energy like SOLAR and WIND. Unbelievably there are still places all over the globe that do not recycle, reuse, or renew. There can be new laws that can be put in place internationally to force nations to take responsibility for thier own pollutants and to be better stewards of the environment. And there needs to be help for people like me who have inventions or ideas that they need help in patenting or selling the "Green" invention so that all resources are utilized. I have had a "Green" product invention for over a year but I don't have the resources to patent, produce or market it. And I am quite sure there are others too that may have some new ideas that are in the makings. Organization and unity is what needs to come together to solve the problems of globalization, clean energy, sustainability, and ecologically friendly lifestyles and changes for the world.