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The more you know, the less you carry. -Mors Kochanski

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Great Post Duff!
Yea...I get the same thing with clients thinking they have to buy self care too (pedicure, massage, workshops etc)! We have been led to believe we can buy our way into and out of everything!

Greg's comment above is right on!

Reminds me of ... "God is not attained by a process of addition to anything in the soul, but by a process of subtraction."- Meister Eckhart

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Great post Duff! I really think I will see the day when the droning bs of hype can no longer be heard over the inspiring and powerful cries of integrity... with folks like Scott standing strong I think we are drawing near.
I needed this today, Mahalo!
Aloha~ Gina

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Ahh Duff... it is all good! Ha!

I had a delight to find I am so willing to keep trying to walk the path to right livelihood. Yet there is so much to wade through, I've been swindled and fooled, I've been lazy and tried shortcuts but it has all brought me here to this moment of ok-ness. Not perfection by any stretch but a tad bit wiser and curious for another day.

Glad to have had the opening to inquire within today.

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Wow this discussion is bring up all kinds of feelings for me Duff! I wrote such a long response I had to delete it :) I will take my thoughts to my journal and perhaps be back with a concise response...suffice it to say Mahalo!

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Duff, that was down right nasty -bait and switch . At least now the new age is showing it's true colors.

Good God, it was like watching Saturday Night Live, are you sure this is for real?

If so I'm in the market for a cave.

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Again Duff nails it...shame, guilt, the search for relief and so it goes. Sound like we will need a diagnosis for this soon.

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Yes Duff you are absolutely correct on this on. I'm wondering what has happened to the sisters? (I am also appalled at the way these guys are acting...but have a real concern over the women.)
I guess sex sells and the 60's are over.
Too bad...and we worked sooo hard.

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Ha Ha ...this post spoke to me and hit the nail on the head!
I woke up just now to the fact I spend much too much time reading the marketing instruction manual (the endless array of websites on how to do it) to my nutritional consultation business than actually jumping in and simply doing and learning.
This comes as a big surprise to me because 18 years ago when I opened my first health food store I knew nothing about business but I loved natural products and wanted to bring that to my community and make a living doing it.
Easy! bet!
A 12 year success story of 2 physical shops and an online supplement business back when the web was new follows and I closed only due to divorce.
So why do I now read and ponder read some more ...when I learned so much so fast and with relish back in 1993?
Ahhh once again Duff has me thinking....Mahalo!

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