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I have not watched the Jungle Book in what feels like EONS - because seriously, it has been. I think I remember watching it when I was like 6 or 7 years old in my parent's first house (that I know of)... Ha! Weird to think back, but now I want to re-watch, but perhaps I should wait til I have kids? LOL

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OMG - the other day my sister sent me a video... She recorded her husband reading to my niece from a book, but he made up the whole story and called one of the characters a bearded woman and a lesbian and a drunk fire ant made an appearance and oh man, I can't even describe just how funny it was - especially because my brother in law's sense of humor is such that he's kind of quiet, but when he talks, he is typically pretty funny. Oh man, it was GOOD! I just wish my sister got her daughter's reaction!

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I have to say my "favorite" memory from this week... When my husband got pulled over- hahahahahah! He always claims I am a "terrible" driver but the day he got pulled over, he was SO INSANELY distracted and was NOT a good driver AT ALL - hahaha! I will NEVER let him live it down!

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LOL!!!!!!!!! We just get so pre-occupied with making sure we didn't forget any of the REALLY important stuff - like passports, LOL! I never have any idea what I do on those long haul flights. I legit stare into space!

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What a cool idea!!!!!!! The things people come up with these days! My sister in law bought me an adult coloring book for my flight to Africa, but of course... I FORGOT IT at home - hahahaha! WHOOPS!

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I was just talking about this with my husband last night - when we have kids - we are not going to tell them Santa is real. I was actually surprised her said that - because he loves Christmas. I never believed in him, ever. My parents did not bring me up that way either. I don't want our kids to from the get-go not trust us!

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I live right next door to "The Hollywood Bowl" a huge concert venue - however, they have a summer series and then they sort of close up shop when the summer is over, however, just like you, summer is never REALLY over around here... ha! I should look into what they're hosting over there over the next few weeks! A cute little date night with my husband

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Mmmm! Looks so refreshing!!! <3

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Social Media Marketing is what put my blog even on the map! It's so insanely important for blog growth and reaching new people!

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I love iPhones (or smart phones in general) because I get to look back on all my photos and remember the days past!! I don't LIVE in the past, I just take a minute to remember how blessed I am! :)