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Its not about saving other countries. Its about saving US. At every session of Iran's parliament, there is the chant "Death To America". Think about that. Do we open congress with chants of "Death to Iran"?
They also have military parades with slogans such as "we will crush America under our feet!".
Thats us, John, that they are talking about!
As for "an eye for an eye" - that is a moral stance. In fact many crime victim families in the US are disappointed at the mild punishment of people who have victimized a familiy member. A fair punishment leads to trust in the justice system. Furthermore, it doesn't lead to escalation - the Bible doesn't advocate two eyes for an eye. However, I would agree that there are bad strains in Judaism, such as those quotes you give from of those Talmud teachers, though I would ask you to remember that Jews got burned to death in the Middle Gges for supposedly causing the plague, and they got killed for supposedly drinking blood of Christian children. It was a savage time, and some Jews were savage in their responses.

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you "Justus" did not read the post. The point being made is that some countries, ideologies, and religions do not follow the golden rule. Just like some people don't. If you don't believe that, try entering some gang infested area of the U.S. for instance. If you are attacked, you can say to yourself "hey wait a minute, only Jewish neocons who hate Ron Paul believe they are attacked for no good reason - I must be hallucinating!"
Personally, I'm Jewish, I hate war, I never read the Talmud, but I am pro-Israel just as I am pro-Democracies in general. I don't like your anti-semitism (I have been the target of some of it, and in my experience, there is actually an anti-semitic mafia out there that stoops to actual sexual assaults, character assassination, use of behavioral drugs, and all sorts of sinister stuff that nobody will believe. You use the word "filth", well - the antiSemites are the filth.

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When was Krugman competent? His Keynesian economics is a disaster

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I don't think Douglass is a charlatan, but his source, Jan Sejna, may have been. And the fact that we have spontaneous movements does not mean that other countries can't manipulate them. For instance, we now know the "nuclear freeze" movement was indeed manipulated by the Soviets.
'Amused' says alcohol is a sex drug. Let me tell you, from my experience, Alcohol ain't nothin compared with whats out there, and what I've been exposed to.
-- Gideon

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A Wall Street Journal editorial today says that it looks like the unions have a victory in Wisconsin since they may have managed to elect a judge who favors them, and would swing court decisions 4/3 in their favor (against Scott Walker).
People have a tendency to make a virtue out of their short-term self interest, and the public unions are no different. Like any welfare recipient, or subsidized green energy company or whatever, they are dependent on government for their salaries, and will vote their self-interest even if it harms the country as a whole. And that means financial collapse eventually, then anarchy, then revolution.

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The really odd thing about "Israel Apartheid Week' is that there is no "Chechniya Torture Week" or "Zimbabwe Economy Destruction Week" or "Sudan Slavery Week" or "Saudi Infidel Citizenship Week" or "Chinese Lao Gai (work camp) Week" etc. etc. You get the idea.

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I saw a TV reporter claiming that both the anti-Mubarak and the pro-Mubarak protesters were united on one thing - they were telling him how much they hated the U.S. Nonie Darwish is pointing out that this attitude does not help them, and that the U.S. is not at fault.

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In the U.S. under current immigration policy, the Moslems will increase in population dramatically. And therefore, there will be more antisemitism and anti-zionism in the universities, and from pandering politicians. There will be more honor killings, and perhaps violence like we see in France. There will be millions more votes for the Democrats.
And how to we prevent this?
In practice - neither Republican or Democrat is going to lower immigration, or discriminate against a religion in immigration.

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Michael Medved said today in WSJ that the Obamas will be elected to a second term. I hope they get an extended vacation anywhere they want except here.

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Its not so easy to overthrow modern ideological regimes. Look at Cuba. They have enforcers, they indoctrinate the school children, they have the technology, weapons, and so forth. They've lasted many decades, and show no sign of regime change.