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378 weeks ago @ - Homeschooling as "normal" · 1 reply · +2 points

I'm pretty sure that I'd never want to homeschool any theoretical kids that I had. I attended public schools for primary, secondary, and baccalaureate education. The experiences that I had were not perfect: moving from quite-good schools in Ohio to, well ... good-for-Mississippi schools was probably not the best thing for me from a purely academic perspective. With that said, I think that, on balance, it was a good choice for me overall, because I got to experience with being people of all socioeconomic and cultural strata that were available to me in the areas I attended school.

All of that said, it greatly pains me that homeschooling was once regarded as something that should be suppressed by the law. I think it's a perfectly viable option for educating your child, and if you want to make the effort required to do so, go for it!

397 weeks ago @ wicked clevah - Slicing up Simmons' Pu... · 0 replies · +1 points

I think he's getting there, but he wanted to just keep in line with his 150-Minute Rule for consistency's sake. I think it's well-shown that winning drives attendance, by the study that you link to amongst many others. What isn't well-known, I don't think, is what drives ratings in local media. Simmons made an assertion---game length---and it works as a prima facie argument, the same that, say, Catchers' ERA does. Catchers' ERA fell apart, though, as there was no year-over-year correlation.