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I also needed this lol. Sometimes we agonize over choices like which person to date or what job to take but what really matters is the work we do on ourselves and none of those things will really make a difference or can fulfil us until we can come to fully appreciate and accept them. Let things come and go <3 life is abundant.

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I have ADD too and I've been hypnotized before. I think I'm actually easily hypnotized, but the fact that I did the excessive at close to 5 in the morning without having gone to sleep yet may have helped with the relaxed part :P Maybe try them at night when you're sleepy? I wonder if this is good practice. It's quiet anyways at that time of day. I've only tried one of the alpha modules so far and it was actually the Midas touch doppelganger because I got that e-mail with the free one before I opened these. I felt quite intensely entranced but it made me feel better that Burt said I could open my eyes at any time, I felt more comfortable and not like I was out of my own control. My doppelganger's eyes turned red when I tried merging with her, I think it may have been due to a block I had on wealth that made me imagine this, or perhaps a manifestation of my nervousness about doing this for the first time. I just opened my eyes though and then went back and closed them again feeling more comfortable and continued imagining the energy of my wealthy self.

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I don't think you can "get" your twin to say anything. I think you might want to keep going. I think being around the energy of the twin is important in it's self and that maybe some twins will have more to say to you than others depending on who you are what's important to you, and what message is important that you receive. Just my 2 cents :)

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Maybe try to get in touch with a doppelganger who knows when it started, just like Burt got in touch with one who knew when his first quantum jump was. Christine Marie Sheldon is really good at finding the originating source in time for energy blocks also and seems to be able to easily pinpoint events or experiences that are the source of bad energy. I'd look to maybe a session with her if all else fails, but trying your own intuition first is probably better since developing your inner intuition will allow you to actually deal with that negative energy once you find where it's from. All the best of luck and love :) <3

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Huh 3 B's 2C's and 1 A and here I thought I was happy but broke lol I'm a bit in between though since I have a couple C's I've manifested money out of nowhere before but not since HS. I still live at home but I have no debt but no money and am in 4th year computer science so my wealth is a little hard to evaluate in terms of what you would call broke lol I do stress out sometimes though and I do set a lot of goals for my future. I can be happy in the now but I can also worry and over think things, I can also procrastinate, but when I rly want something I get it done :)

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I'm grateful for my breakfast this morning, for the song that came on the radio and made me dance, for laughs for the Rollerblades I'm about to go out on, for a new fun way I've found to get goals done, for my friends who are supportive and fun to be with, for my education and my technical abilities, and for Christie :) I'm telling all my friends to try your program :)

389 weeks ago @ Love Or Above - What's next for Love O... · 0 replies · +1 points Here's a blog on procrastination that might help you Lynne :) Also I found these posts about procrastination insightful and saved them in a file for myself, though I'm sure you have far more to juggle than me, and putting off things is probably more of a necessity for you than it is for me as I have no children I still humbly think they might help :)
I feel bad that I can't source these women as I have lost the link but it was part of a collaboration for Aviddiva's blog on a website called It's a great community of women inspiring and collaborating with each other :)

"dentifying why the procrastination is there and then making it fun somehow enables me to move past it.

Am I scared? Is it simply something I don't like doing?
These are a few questions to ask and adding humour and fun help me energetically work through it.

If I'm scared, then I visualize the results and begin to work from the 'feeling' place of already
being there. If I'm dreading the task then I try to make it fun so I trick my brain and again,
energetically work through it.

I've just learned that meditation/relaxati on can have a huge overall improvement in concentration
and effectively working through complex tasks. I've started practicing Qi Gong and the instructor
incorporates a guided meditation into the session.

This REALLY helps me!

The people I have known who procrastinate were either told repeatedly they couldn't do it right or
led to believe they were special and therefore didn't have to do what other people have to do. In
either case the inner voice is negative and critical towards the self-- so listen carefully to what
you are telling yourself about what you think you "should" do versus what you "choose" to do. Hope you
find positive ways to move towards what you want and don't rely on " force" to get yourself to achieve
what you want.

My own experience has taught me that putting off what I don't want to do comes naturally. Doing what I
enjoy takes no effort at all. Therefore, I've learned to make the things I'd rather not do more interesting,
challenging, rewarding myself somehow when the dreaded deed gets accomplished. If you're just putting off the
inevitable/neccessi ties/nitty-gritty everyday stuff, then you might ask yourself what's happening that
you'd rather not get them out of the way in a timely fashion or why are they so dreaded. My experience has
also taught me that planning is at least half of doing. Keep stashes of paper handy. Create a calendar of
events. My daily pieces of paper become my weekly To Do and when enough are accumulated I have a running
start on the next day, week, month, etc. Not complicated and it does keep me from overlooking something
that otherwise might not get done. The night before routine I established years ago with small children
has carried over all these years in almost every aspect of my life. Right now (10:03pm) I know what I'm
wearing tomorrow and it's all ready. I know what I'll eat, that theres gas in the car, and how many calls
I'll need to make before 10:00 AM. There's fuzziness left in my day on purpose but most of tomorrow is
already visualized in my head. I'll stop here 'cause I think you get the point. Good luck.

Procrastination is an emotional pending gift. Lack of self-worth leads to inertia........stag nation.
In Alchemy it is the putrefaction stage. Unable to move forward to completion. This is a comfort zone
that is seated in deep resentment. These people's minds race in never ending circles. Simple tasks become
monumental obstacles because they are unable to move smoothly from completion to gratitude to new beginnings.
It is addictive behavior. It is a lack of consistency. It takes DISCIPLINE, FOCUS, and TIMING. By the
time a procrastinator goes through all their justifications, there just isn't any time left for anything else.
And the cycle will continue.........on ce hard-wired in the brain, the chemical cascade will continue to
emotionally keep this person in "Lack."
The Emotionally pending gift is Joy. Joy is not happiness. Happiness is fleeting. Joy, on the other hand is
the satisfaction one feels by getting one's needs met emotionally. So, to feel "emotionally gifted," one needs
to find the "way" that suits that particular moment. "There are no error of my ways......only errors of my way."
Best Regards, Sheila

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This is really amazing and beautiful :) So true :) I thought her criticism of the definition was a little harsh. If you consider what it is to be COMPLETELY disabled you would get that definition. If you have no hope in life you have completely disabled yourself, and not the other way around, the definition doesn't contradict this causality nor does it confirm it, it just groups the two together. The definition of disabled isn't the problem really. It's more calling a child with A DISABILITY, disabled. Having A disability can be empowering :) I remember getting extra time in HS for tests because of my ADD (I tend to take a little longer than most to do most things, it's just my individual case not all kids with ADD are like this) Anyways I was at a really happy peaceful self loving place in grade 12, after going through a number of trials and then some healing and this teacher told me "You're not like the other students in that room, you know that :)" (extra time/ special needs room) As if telling me I was somehow better than them, and I got the sense he somehow felt disdain for them. I half took it as a compliment and was half outraged and insulted lol. I'd been where any of the other kids in that room had been. I'd been bitter, I'd been crestfallen, and to have that going on churns out extraordinary human beings that I would be proud to be grouped with. Here's a quote that I think is perfect for this:
"The most beautiful people I know are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These people have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen." Roy Nichols
Not that people who haven't been through some giant ordeal aren't beautiful people :) Even that chemistry teacher is a beautiful person in his own right. I felt sorry for him that he had a shallow narrow minded view of those children, his judgement of their negative emotions and almost fear of it is telling as to how he judges himself, so I wish for him a cathartic experience that may help him lift that. The moral of the story though, is that you shouldn't fear negative experiences because you'll survive them, and to lose everything but the love in your heart and the clothes on your back is to know that even without hope in your life or without graces or luck you are still worthy of God's loving light, and that he will reach you eventually through the pain and that, that is all you need in life to push any mountain out of your way :) Oh yay :) I'm so glad this inspired me to write that :P Thank you :D I love TED talks :)

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This made me laugh a bit hehe I love the message and her passion behind it :) Her delivery is almost cheesey lol but I understand the meaning of the message :) Thank you for the reminder and for putting a smile on my face :) I've been doing your exercises and I've witnessed really miraculous things happen in my life lately :) Just the day after I did your angels meditation I received little gifts to help me with all the things I asked for :) I received compliments from my boss and a stranger on the web. I got contacted by three girlfriends to go do things who I hadn't heard from in ages and I came across an incredible opportunity. I just bought my own business! I am amazed! I'm now summoning extra finances to pay for a call with you :) My intuition is really great too. I went into Coles to look for a book and ended up being instantly drawn to another one called Eat Pray Love which is an amazing book btw if you haven't read it Christie! The book is also helping me raise my frequency and I had just enough money on a gift card I forgot I had to pay for it :) :) Thank you so much for inspiring all of this shift in my life and energy and belief in what's possible :) God bless, Talk to you soon :) Lana

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This is beautiful. I feel wonderful. I noticed I was having trouble imagining the light going all the way down to my calves and feet and I think it made me more aware of an energy block. Just forcing myself to imagine my body fully lit with loving light helped my awareness of this block and feeling of aliveness through my awareness :) Thank you for sharing this :) I can tell you that this and your podcast have made me much more likely to purchase your program :) In fact I'm pretty much certain that I will be buying a digital copy very soon. I don't have a credit card yet to purchase it are the prices going to change very soon?