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Last seen, Bazian was at UC San Diego with his dancing partner, Cynthia McKinney, proof positive there is a lid for every pot. McKinney gave a rambling and unintelligible presentation that ended with her unsuccessfully trying to put on a video by Wesley Clark where he was claiming that GW Bush was planning to invade seven countries. It was like the opening scene of The King's Speech.

Islamophobia Studies Journal! Give me a break! Bazian is a joke.

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Time to crank up the pinkwashing charge against Israel

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Wow. What a ticket that would be. May I suggest a campaign theme tune?

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Shades of the recent attack in Orange County where the killer executed two motorists, but allowed one whose car he stole to walk away. We never learned who that person was and why he was spared while two others were killed. The authorities have learned from his computer that his spree was planned, but won't give us a motive. Thus, the public doesn't fully know the threat level.

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And today, the Washington Post headline reads, "The search for why begins".

And the mainstream news media wonders why their newspapers are being replaced by the blogosphere.

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Logic would state that the FBI should have now learned the names from people who recognized them-unless the only people who know them don't want to turn them in.

Given their appearance, would it not be a good thing for CAIR, ICNA, ISNA, MPAC and MAS to post them on their websites with an appeal to anyone who might recognize them?

(As of now, there is nothing on any of those websites)

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Add this to another article running here on Christian indifference to Christian persecution in the Middle East, and you have a depressing picture indeed. While Christians are being persecuted, the leadership of the Presbyterian Church USA is actively involved in deligitimizing the Jewish state of Israel.

It's like Christians and Jews are joining hands to jump off the cliff together.

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Batiam is a classic hypocrite and whiner. The only things he talks about are Israel and Islamophobia. beyond that, he is not someone you would want to invite to your cocktail party.

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Carrey is just as dopey as that neurotic guy named Ace Ventura. They picked the perfect actor for that role.

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Good report Reut. I wasn't there, but it sounds like this was another one of those "balanced" events where the Israeli side is "represented" by what I would call a reverse ringer.

Or was it more like the Harlem Globetrotters against the Washington Generals?