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Love it. I have one I call "Warm Fuzzies"

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Very cool. It would have been fun to know how many were men, how many were women who responded.

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Absolutely. Even when I get disgusted with "politics." I am so utterly grateful to live in a country where we still have the right to vote. And we cannot take that for granted.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke). We cannot do nothing. It's that simple.

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I'm sharing this with everyone I know! ... oh yeah ... even me. :-)

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Thank you for letting me know about this post. You have encouraged my heart with it. Thanks be to God. Continue on the journey - your next read should be "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" also by Donald Miller. The perfect "next chapter" for the story you are in the middle of. God bless.

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What a great interview, Mike. Mary Graham, and Women of Faith, are the real deal and people can see it!

I've personally attended more WOF events than I can count. They are always fresh and relevant and EXACTLY what I need. There is NO question in my mind that God is at work through the ministry of WOF. I've experienced it and I've witnessed it. It blows my mind. Seeing THOUSANDS of women laugh until their sides split, weep until they're emptied, comforted until they're filled, encouraged until they're empowered. It's a powerful sight to behold.

I hope I NEVER ever have to miss one. And when I go, I try to take as many people with me as I can. This is the real deal.

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Fascinating. I've wondered. May I ask how you support your conclusions? Just want to make sure.

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Yarmouth Blue, HC-150 by Benjamin Moore

It's my favorite of all the kitchen's I've had!!

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<grin> I kind of like doing it ... There's power behind the camera!!

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I love having my Google calendar, on my phone, right at my iCalendar icon. And more than than, I love having your Google Calendar and mine synced. Whenever I'm out, and need to schedule something, I have immediated access to your calendar, too. Love that! You're the best!