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Here's an article from Wired Magazine linking an Ontario Wildfire to the New England's Dark Day of 1780.

It doesn't provide a whole lot of information and the link within the article only provided the abstract to the research, but they mention people and some evidence...enough that further searching could be done if you wanted to find out more!

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#1 Deadliest Trickster of the List Universe: TyB
The TyB (also known as the TyBawesomus) dangles fascinating lists about interesting fauna to lure unsuspecting prey/readers to lose track of time and nearly be late for work.

I could've mentioned something about 'fleshy appendage' since that seems to be the running theme here but you like how I kept my comment fairly clean?

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I remember the first time I read about the reborn dolls was in an article was about Australian police who had mistaken this doll for a real baby left alone in a car so they busted open the window.

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$65000 on a 150 year old bottle of champagne doesn't sound as appealing to me as a bunch of bottles of two buck chucks and a roomful of hilarious friends.

But to each his own. I hope everyone had a great holiday season - whether it be with champagne, beer, wine, tequila, or Juicy Juice

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Interesting selection of holiday tunes. Some I've heard and already have on my ipod and some new ones that I might be looking to add in my playlist.
I couldn't find a youtube clip but the link below is to one of my favorites, "Nutmeg" by John Legend. When I'm almost done with work and finally get to close the studio, I play this instead what we have had on repeat for 2 months straight.

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How's your daughter's handwriting? You could always have her name tattooed in her handwriting. One of my friends has a "love" in lower case cursive letters tattooed to the inside of her wrist. Apparently it is her mother's handwriting, which I think is a great idea and it refers to To Write Love on Her Arms which I think is some suicide prevention group that's dear to my friend's heart. A meaningful tattoo, for sure.

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I expected Ohio State here but by the end of the list, I too was wondering about William and Mary's exclusion. But then again, I did take a ghost tour of their campus so I'm more familiar with those ghost stories than with others.

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You could always do the value alternative and visit Foamhenge in southwest Virginia, haha. It was only a little bit out of the way on my drive back home after camping earlier this month so we added it to our roadtrip. Very kitschy but it's the closest to-scale replica created and there's also a great view of the Blue Ridge. If you knock over those styrofoam blocks, I would imagine they would be easier to set right than the stone versions at Stonehenge.

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Thanks Maggot! The photograph this avatar was based on certainly solves the mystery of what could possibly be the greatest vanity plate ever made. It should be a blogball bonus.

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Amazing List! Very unexpected but very intriguing topic!