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Yet on the other hand, Motorola Mobility's fortunes have horribly declined while using Android. All those Droids and the lone Xoom have basically turned Motorola mobility into a crap stock in just a few months (down nearly 30% or so). Motorola Mobility appears to not being helped by Android at all. Unless it really has been helped by Android and Motorola as a company just plain sucks.

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LOLz. The creator is only stating the obvious. Let the Flash games begin.

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The iHaters say that only Apple can take $4 worth of materials and sell it for $40 and they're pissed at the fact that Apple is cheating consumers to that degree. Some Android fanboi said he can build a Smart Cover made from shirt cardboard, duct tape and Elmer's glue for pennies.

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He broke in and figured he'd wait for the employees to arrive.

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Android is nothing to me. I wouldn't care if Apple used Froyo for the name of the port as long as it delivers the goods.

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Don't forget to stop by and pick up your genuine $29.99 Light Peak to XX Cable Connection Kit at your friendly Apple retailer. Make sure it has the Apple logo on it for a guaranteed fast connection. Light Peak changes everything again. Give thanks to Steve for advancing the industry. Don't worry about no one using it yet. Once Apple does it, the entire industry will copy them, just like they did the iPhone and iPad.

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I'd like a 4" display iPod Touch and with a GPS chip for augmented reality.

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Microsoft should have had a Zune manager for OSX a long time ago. I'm going to try it on my cousin's Zune 30 to see how well it works.

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Four-inch screens are ridiculous for a smartphone. Apple should just stay with the size it has. Let the stupid Android vendors play with all various screen sizes. Apple doesn't need to start fragmenting their platform just because Google loves to dick around with Android.

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I've seen this Hitler movie used for many different topics. It's pretty stale by now. I'm surprised they didn't use a scenario where Hitler was Steve Jobs or maybe I already saw that. I wish I could recall the topic the first time I saw this a few years back and then looked at a whole bunch of them.