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That was pretty much Alan Dershowitz's reason for voting for Obama as well.

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It's not baffling in the least if you live in our culture. It's status quo.

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Her lying was so jaw-droppingly bold faced in the recent Convention about denying there was any contention on the floor about accepting God and Jerusalem back into the party platform, that even Anderson Cooper from CNN -- generally a Democrat cheerleader -- declared she lived in a alternate universe.

What an embarrassment!

How does it help the Jews not to acknowledge political problems about the acceptance of Jerusalem, just to lie them away as though they never existed. Surely, post-Holocaust, we want leaders who can see trouble clearly. And name it. And not hide it or refuse to acknowledge it for the sake of preserving her own power and that of her party's. Which is what she clearly did.

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Agree completely, Charles. John made plenty of sense until the last paragraph of his post, which basically discounts his entire previous argument. Anyway, we already know the election is going to be close. If you skew your poll sampling, you can make it look however you like.

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I thought it seemed pretty clear that this was a round about way of expressing her pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli views. Scheisse Jews that are taking and taking, and using the past horrors in their lives to justify their current bad behavior - just seemed like shorthand to deplore the use of the Holocaust as a justification for Jews to find a homeland in Israel.

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And we're all suffering from that still.

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I came to make the same point as Mr. Vlasik as well. It's hardly mercy that she is giving another opportunity to someone on her own team, whose parents are major donors. Just pragmatism and self interest.

If she had done the same thing if she were dealing with someone on the opposite side who made a similar level of mistake, that would reflect a new maturity on her part. But given the usual tenor of her discourse, such a step on her part is very hard to imagine.