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No... but they're better than going through withdrawal for most of the year. ;)

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I possibly shouldn't tell you this, Joel - but Keebler's "Coconut Dreams" are almost identical to Girl Scout Samoas. (The chocolate is a bit lighter - more semi-sweet than dark - and the actual cookie's texture is a little different, but in total very similar.) Turns out this is because one of the official Girl Scout Cookie bakers is corporately related to Keebler....

As for myself... JiF creamy peanut butter. Either in a peanut butter sandwich, or on a spoon, used to eat Cheerios. The latter because when I was a wee cub at the finger-foods stage, mama bear actually had the patience to make me platefuls of tiny sandwiches consisting of 2 Cheerios and a dab of PB; when my coordination was up to it, we switched to the less labor intensive expedient of the spoon and a bowl of cereal. I've had people seriously wig out over this, and I've never been able to understand why. If it were a strongly flavored/sweetened cereal (especially something like Apple Jacks or Froot Loops) maybe - but Cheerios are like crunchy oat bread. I adore both chocolate and peanut butter, but can't stand them together - I guess the people who like that combination might want to try this with Cocoa Puffs instead. ;)

A day without peanut butter is like a day without oxygen.

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The slur on Google+ is dreadfully misinformed, and rather offensive. Just because it doesn't work like FarceBORG doesn't mean it's "deserted".

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Frankly - that particular example would probably go over well at certain street fairs in San Francisco... but not at any of the conventions where one usually expects to see cosplay.

I can understand why the artist went there - there really is no male equivalent to the sexualization of women's breasts. Men go shirtless in public all the time and no one thinks twice about it; a woman tries to breastfeed her infant (biologically speaking, the reason she HAS breasts) and some people utterly wig out.

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As far as costumes go - over at Burly Press they have a wonderful tableau illustrating the rather sexist nature of female superhero costumes. To quote, "This print is a tableau of 8 comic book heroines that have been gender swapped, mostly into big burly bears: Storm (X-Men), Death (Sandman), Jubilee (X-Men), Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Psylocke (X-Men), Power Girl, & Vampirella."

Go to http://burlypress.com/store.html and scroll to the bottom; it's in a section along with a tableau of gender-swapped science fiction heroines and of cartoon bears in real life. ;)

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No coffee; love the aroma but can't stand the taste.

For me it's either Coke Zero or black tea with sucralose.

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I've never been a MST-ie, but as for what geekery I want to pass along...
http://freebabylon5.com/ - right there.

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I'd have to say the endings that never got a chance to take place leave the biggest holes - e.g., Crusade, where we got part of a season of what should have been another 5-season story.

And while it invariably leaves me an emotional disaster area for several days afterward, "Sleeping in Light" from Babylon 5 is an incredible series ender.

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It happened in 2002, when I realized that Quarterflash's debut album was old enough to drink legally. It was one of the first albums I bought right near the time of its release in 1981 (I was in high school at the time), so that had an impact.

For myself, Nirvana was part of the reason I stopped listening to new music in the '90s - the entire "grunge" thing was a complete musical turn-off for me and as the only other genre getting a lot of attention at the time didn't appeal to me either (various kinds of hip-hop/rap) I just tuned out.

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I'm not privy to the latest in combat pharmaceuticals, but I have heard that the military is really fond of Provigil (modafinil) because it's a lot safer and vastly less likely to cause dependency problems than amphetamine. (There's also the fact there's some tantalizing evidence that it increases attention span instead of fracturing it.)

As for sleeping... something I find helpful for "Brain Chasing Its Own Tail Syndrome" is L-Theanine, the calmative amino acid naturally found in green tea. A friend of mine who was going through a great deal of stress described it as "nearly as effective as Xanax - and since I don't have to worry about getting hooked, on balance it's better".