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Great news... but what's in it for the women? :)

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A person can only take BS for too long before he/she loses it. It still doesn't justify his actions, but I can definitely see your angle. But hey, at least he managed to jump out of the situation with a beer. :P

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One thing's for sure, they're definitely better than high heels.

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That's exactly how these selfish banks make most of their money; they cheat their ways straight into consumers' pockets with a fake friendly smile smeared across their faces and a pen ready on the mark to close in on a deal as soon as they get a chance. Can't wait till we actually have a real financial regulator in place to cut down on these crooks and their ridiculous bank fees.

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Coasting in neutral definitely slows down the driver's control in many different ways. Like mentioned, steering response is affected mainly on bends and corners, as the engine braking and whatever else are eliminated. Also, an increased use of the footbrake can greatly reduce its effectiveness, and even worse, doesn't it place a lot of strain on the transmission? You're better off just driving in safe mode and save money by avoiding jack rabbit accidents.

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Cadillac Escalades have topped the list since 2002 -- car thieves are in love with it! No matter what type of anti-theft technology they put into it, they'll keep finding a way. If they can't hot-wire it, they'll take every piece of the vehicle apart and run.

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I made the mistake of leaving valuables right out in the open for passersby to see. Woke up the next morning to a busted passenger window and everything I had in there worth money... gone. So yeah, keep your stuff tucked at all times. You don't want to learn it the hard way.

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Women are generally better listeners, and they use that listening skill very well to their advantage. Just ask any married men and they will tell you who runs the money in the house. Most men go to work to ensure the flow of money going into the household. However, it's usually the women who take care of that money coming in. They do all the saving, budgeting and planning. They will bargain to the bone to save money. More than ever before, woman have greater purchasing power and are becoming more and more involved in decision-making. So when dealers don't make the effort to listen to what women want and need, it can damage their revenue severely.

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It reminds me of the Little Buddy Child Tracker from Best Buy that came out last year. It's a GPS tracking device that allows parents to know where their children are, and it even notifies them if their children takes off from where they're suppose to be. So it's basically a stalking technology designed for paranoid parents, much like this tiwi device. However, there are some really good points addressed on the website, I mean, we are talking about "know-it-all" teenagers. If it can, indeed, reduce the chance of being in a car crash by up to 62%, then I say it's worth it.