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Kamiya blocked me because I made this in Photoshop:

I thought he would get a laugh out of it, but I guess not. He even blocked me without replying xD

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Correction: It's not going to be THIS Saturday. EGX Rezzed will take place from March 12-14. Project Ukulele will be showcased on the 14th, which is a Saturday.

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Not to mention the cutscenes are UNSKIPPABLE, meaning you would have to be a massive trophy junkie to want to replay the game to get the collectibles, thereby negating what little replay value the game would have had in the first place.

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GameFAQs user Gessenkou is doing (or has done. Not sure if it's finished) a complete translation of Xenoblade Chronicles X's Famitsu feature. It includes quite a bit of details that are not mentioned in the summaries we've seen on the web.

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Oh no. As long as they have fingers to put in their ears, they will always have an excuse. And if they don't have one, they'll MAKE one.

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Jesus Christ, I just woke up and I thought Nintendo released gameplay footage of the new Star Fox, and this video was an analysis of it.

I have never went from super-excited to super-disappointed so quickly :(

This is a good video, though. I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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There's a word for this kind of phenomenon:


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But then what about camera rotation?

You know what? I'll just wait for Nintendo to do a video clarifying how it'll work.

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How will that work? Doesn't the Pro Controller have more buttons than the Gamecube controller?