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In the beginning everything came out for apple only. PCs sucked. Then PCs caught up in terms of performance and software companies took note, porting their applications to DOS. Soon the tables had turned and the meme became 'Yeah, but will it run on a mac?' To this day, that phrase pops up on discussion forums.

When the PC hit 50 mhz it was tied with the apple computer. By the time it reached 75 mhz there was no looking back.

Android has hit their 75 mhz.

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We are a more intelligent species. It is better for us to search for these answers than to set them aside as too difficult for mere humans. It is more probable that we will solve this question satisfactorily than not. All things are inconceivable until they are resolved. Ask anyone from the 8th century how a computer could be built and they would most probably not come up with a though about transistors and electricity.

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Id be happy to pay hulu 10 bucks and keep the ads in place so long as they release a stable and clean android app for droid and up. It would mean i can cancel cable internet completely. currently i keep internet only for hulu. if it works on my droidx i need nothing else. Hell, i could pay em 20 bucks and save money.

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I thought I might start each of these with the line from something or other so I googled "blindly, i travel my path" to see if that was in a work I could just continue to leach from. In the billions of pages, these words have never been put together. That seems odd to me.