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But no seriously, Generations FAILS at art direction and creativity. xD And if there's anything I learned from the Aaron Webber interview ("Changing the rolling would mean having to change the entire game!"), it's that the modern Sonic Team apparently IS made up of amateurs.

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Sonic 2 in the style of Shadow the Hedgehog.

Somehow, I'm not really thrilled by the way it looks, but most of you knew that already. =P

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It'd be cool if this drove up interest for the Mega Drive in Japan, too. ^^;;;

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Now maybe they can spare a few dollars to bring the SEGA Forums back online. =P

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I want one. ^__^

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If that car were street legal, I'd TOTALLY drive it around for a while, before switching back to my life-size pink Malibu Barbie car. ^__^

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"And we knew from the get-go that we wanted to have a very unique style for this game, and so we brought the scarf from the PS2."

So his idea of being "unique" is to lift ideas from other games? xD What the......

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The person you should really be thanking is Radrappy. His Amigo art is what makes these score cards so awesome.

Great work, Radrappy! ^__^

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Um, I think every gamer even remotely interested in the Dreamcast knows what Seaman is. If they didn't know what Seaman is, then chances are they don't know what over 90% of the library's other games are either.

Super Magnetic Neo should have been given the slot instead. Not only is its art design simply excellent, it also dishes out an old-school level of difficulty that makes platforming n00bs cry. =)

(Also, Cool Cool Toon and Daytona USA 2001 are awesome! ^__^)

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Maybe I just pay attention to small details more than either of you guys, because I can tell there's just something not *quite* right with them from the get-go.

Believe me, I've spent a LOT of time staring at this chart (for a while I was 3D modeling Tails but I never finished it), plus I sometimes referenced the classic Tails PVC figure as well. His Generations model.... is a little funny-looking somehow. It's hard to explain, but I can just tell. The modern Tails color is definitely throwing me off too.