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And - lo! There was "Hijinks"-based awesome podcastery once more and it twas so good...

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I'm going to see Def Leppard and Motley Crue in December in the UK. I know Joe Elliot's voice isn't what it was and that there's a good chance that at least one member of the Crue will implode.

And I don't care.

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It's a weird thing - I saw the movie on Monday and didn't feel moved by it or offended by it in any way. Desensitisation? I don't think so - I suspect that it had more to do with the way that Matthew Vaughn chose to stage and edit the on-screen carnage.

The stuff with Hit Girl in this movie was nowhere near as effective and horrible as, say, the violence in a movie like "City of God" - it's the way that Vaughn seems to be sniggering behind the camera and congratulating himself on how transgressive he's being by having a pre-pubescent girl act as on-screen Angel of Death, and by having her casually deliver the "C" bomb. There's no weight to anything happening in the film - it's all surface, all glib dialogue, all very Mark Millar, I guess I want to say.

Compared to Matilda in "Leon", Hit Girl ain't all that...

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Given that I was born in '72, the chip in my head which compels me to buy each new version of "Star Wars" tells me that I'll be picking up the Blu-Ray discs for the sonic prettiness and gleaming, 1080P crapulence of the prequels.

Also, what John Darc says - "Uncharted" and it's sequel, "Little Big Planet", "Resistance", "Heavy Rain", "Ratchet" - the PS3 has a bunch of games worth playing.

Great comic, though.