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Whilst I appreciate your sincerity Michael, your continued defence of all Christians is misplaced. Antisemitism exists everywhere. Most extreme right-wing supremacists claim to be Christians and believe in Jesus as their saviour, thus qualifying them as Christian. That you say they don't adhere to the principles you believe are inherent in Christianity doesn't make them any less Christian. The ethical stance to take would be to call them out for antisemitism, not continually deny Christians cannot be antisemites.

That is notwithstanding the historical flaw in your argument. Christians spent two thousand years expelling Jews, torturing Jews, oppressing Jews, murdering Jews - all in the name of Jesus. I value the evolution of Christianity in recent times and Christians' better-late-than-never appreciation of Jews and the Nation of Israel, but it is an established historical fact that for most of Christianity's timeline, they've hated Jews.

True friendship doesn't require a qualifier. If this story appalls you, simply saying so is appreciated. It is unnecessary, illogical and nonfactual to say 'it appalls you BUT true Christians wouldn't do this.'

As you said Michael, most Jews (I certainly don't claim to represent them all but I believe the majority of Jews would agree with me) appreciate genuine friendship with Christians who have no agenda to hurt/convert Jews. But until Christians stop being intellectually dishonest and until they're be upfront about their history, it will be a difficult friendship to maintain.

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The "assistance" given to Jews, or Israel, should be unconditional. It's not.

In any case, Jews should be helping Jews, but most Jewish philanthropy ends up outside of the Jewish community.

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How very simplistic of you. Notwithstanding that some 80% of American Jews identify as 'left-wing', many of these 'left-wing' Jews have decidedly right-wing views regarding Israel.

So you feel hostility towards 80% of your mishpuchah? Do you feel 80% of Jews in the USA should be vilified, verbally assaulted (that's the only way to describe what GB & his fanatics do to left wing Jews), ignored, disenfranchised? Do you think 80% of Jews in the USA don't matter, or shouldn't be heard? Where do you draw the line in this "hostility"? Do you really think you're going to build a bridge to them and draw them across to your way of thinking by being "hostile" to your mishpuchah? Do you really think you're doing all Jews, and Eretz Yisrael, a favour by being hostile to the largest proportion of Jews in the USA?

I'm the first to admit frustration and anger with the hypocrisy, appeasement and fraudulent behaviour amongst Jews (and goyim but that's another post) on the left side of the political spectrum. But those traits are also found within the right wing. So should we all just cut to the chase and be "hostile" to each other?

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You could do a search on the JIDF site to investigate how the JIDF feels about Obama, but as you're a Beck fanatic I won't credit you with any intellectual curiosity or ability.

Incidentally, your accusation that one must be on the Soros payroll if one objects to a conservative pundit is not a new one. No Beck fanatic has ever been able to refute any claims by a Jew that Beck is threat to us all, their sole comeback being "Are you on the Soros payroll?"

Do you read The Protocols of The Elders of Zion before bed each night? Your insinuation that a Jew cannot possibly have an independent thought without being paid for it (and naturally, being paid by a worldwide consortium of nasty Jews) in order to ultimately achieve global domination, is eerily akin to the repugnant BS found in The Protocols.

Btw - the article above was not written by the JIDF but by a prominent and respected Israeli Jew. Are you going to contact Moshe and share your ignorance with him too?

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The JIDF isn't a news service. Plenty of sites and services cover that sort of news. Why should the JIDF replicate it when it stands tall doing it's own unique thing?

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Amen Mika, you are spot on in that regard. Baby Becks, ew. What has the world come to when people not only believe in that raving moron but set their kids up with his fan's little shop of horrors?

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I betchya Branson Missouri isn't labeled as a 'concentration camp' or 'open air prison' by most of the world's media, as Gaza (erroneously) is.

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As David Appletree has reiterated ad nauseum, the concept of free speech does not apply on private servers. This is where the JIDF can use collective power to compel the owners of these servers/sites to conform to their own terms of service. Read Facebook's TOS here: https://www.facebook.com/terms.php and see section 3.7

Facebook wrote a letter recently proclaiming that they did not initially see any incitement to violence on the original 3rd Intifada page yet the very word "intifada" means "uprising" and a 3rd intifada infers an action which will mirror the 1st and 2nd intifadas - acts of violence which killed more than 1200 Israeli's.

In spite of this, Facebook sees fit to pick and choose where they apply their own rules. They ban David Appletree for violation of TOS because he used a pseudonym for safety reasons, yet allow thousands of pages of antisemitic and Islamic incitement to violence to exist.

Allowing antisemitic and jihadist content to exist in spite of their own rules against it is not merely an act of hypocrisy but an act which condones the very dehumanization and violence which has killed millions of our people. We must use our outrage at their inaction to demand accountability and results from Facebook and other sites.

Thanks to the work of the JIDF over the past three years there is now awareness of this issue across the establishment but the only organization which has achieved measurable results is still the JIDF. Support them.

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I have no clue what your first statement is about....

Condell hates the dogma of religion, yet he has become just as dogmatic in his atheism, ergo, he's a hypocrite at best.

His "Eva Braun" is the general public, who are so enamoured with his "hilarious" tales of the idiocy of religion that they'll overlook the offensiveness of his comments (like advocating for the demolition of Jerusalem).

Regardless of how "right" Condell may be on some issues, regardless of how funny he may be (to some), I fail to see how people can overlook his hypocrisy and antisemitism (unless they're hypocrites and antisemites themselves).

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Good girl. Nice to see a Jewish celebrity take a stand on this.