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My cats do that too. I think it's hilarious.
I thought it was just a sort of noise they made when on the prowl but I can see it being them try to mimic the bird sounds. When my cats have been stalking little mice or bugs, they didn't do the clicking noise, only when they are eyeing the birds do I notice they make that sound.

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Some of these animals remind me of my cat Charli.
She feigns sleep and you think it's safe to leave your homework alone for a moment and go grab a drink or run to the bathroom. When you come back, your papers are devoured and she's licking her chops and taking a cat bath. She's often known to attack defenseless bags, boxes, cords, DVDs, phones, clothing articles and a plethora of other miscellaneous items lying around.

I don't know how many times I've had to tell my teachers my cat ate my homework...

And I must mention, I loved the list! The animal kingdom is simply fascinating.

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Not one for gore or horror movies in the slightest.
A sad list in my opinion. Mostly because the blatant desensitization is pitying.

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This whole time I thought the greatest part of pregnancy was knowing that you were having your own child, not that the sex of that baby was what matters the most.
How silly of me!

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Thanks Marshall's dad!

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You've never watched Tarzan?

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So you have a problem because people have enough sense to understand an ironic title. "Keep them from the polls." Are you being serious with that?
The conclusions you are drawing here are ludicrous.
This is a website, an entertaining one, where you meander your way through the categories and based on the title of the list, you deem it worthy of reading. It's simple as that.

To me, you are just acting like a know-it-all. Omnisciency is not blessed upon simple man.

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I'm pretty sure it's for the sake of attention gripping irony.
Nobody else seemed to think too much of it because it's really not much to think on. People just get it.

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This is just a sarcastic list.


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From what I gather, no one is actually mad at first commentors, we just don't' want our lists' threads getting mucked up with childish spam when what this is meant for is stimulating discussions or to express gratification (or lack there of) regarding the list.
It's not to have some dolt pop out of from behind the screen and say "first!"

It's not anger, it's exasperation. And it's out of respect for Listverse.

P.S - And I hope you weren't saying I was getting angry because the reply I offered was sarcasm.