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Then vote in another government who will change things instead of the same old idiots.

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This confirms what I have been saying for years. Jews cannot trust Christians for they will turn on you at the drop of a hat.

In fact I wouldn't be surprised if the Christian community decided that once they destroy Israel they will kill every Jew in America. Why not? Pogroms are a CHRISTIAN sport.

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The new Mantra:

Black skin good.
White skin bad.
Jew worst of all.

Memorize and recite 5 times a day.

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I see the anti-Semites have finally emerged. Please state date and victim(s) of this occurrence.

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That is true. And when Christian or other religious parents kill their children they are also prosecuted and convicted. Long prison sentences are normally served too.

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If Jesus never existed the world would be Pagan. There would be great buildings, science, etc... It would be the Jewish population of Europe that would introduce Hospitals, Universal Education, and the Weekend.

A world without Jesus would mean no Crusades, no Inquisition, no Holocaust.

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Don't worry Christians. We Jews are getting the message loud and clear. We are getting ready to clear out of the G-d forsaken land.

You win! You can have it all to yourselves. You bunch of bastards will be happy with our leaving.

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Having experienced anti-Semitism from early childhood at the hands of good "Christians" I stand by my comment.

Christians pray to a dead Jew. Now Christian Churches all over the world are proclaiming the "fact" that your Savior is not a Jew but a Muslim Palestinian. I expect the pogroms to start and the killing to begin.

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Hey Christians did you know you pray to a dead Jew. Oops now you consider him a Palestinian. What's next rounding up Jews and murdering them for the crime of killing your false God?

You're all a bunch of idiot hypocrites. Claiming to be pro-Israel when in fact your just the average, run -of-the-mill anti-Semites.

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Or you can wipe the picture with a full diaper. Works better and is a lot cheaper.