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I would assume if you could setup port forwarding on your router and such that it should be able to stream over the internet. The question is probably whether or not you can add the upnp:// location to your XBMC. You probably want to check with PlayOn regarding streaming over the internet.

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When I want to see if I missed a call, text message or email, I turn on my screen. With the # of emails I get daily, I don't rely on the LED. Also, I've never removed my SD card, so I'm not sure if that's really important as well.

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It looks like 'Add to Favorites' only shows up when the Status of the torrent is RSS. The one you selected is already Queued. Try one that hasn't been downloaded yet. I hope that helps.

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There is no monthly fee for PlayOn. They only have two license types available: annual and lifetime. The annual license is $40 for the first year and each year after that you pay $20 to renew your license. The lifetime license is an $80 one-time fee.

As you said other solutions require a lot of work and can be blocked by Hulu and the likes. The appeal of PlayOn is that you can easily access content from any device or media center that supports DLNA/UPnP. There are limitations though as with all things (e.g., no Netflix streaming on Linux due to no Silverlight DRM support).

Times are changing though. Nowadays, a lot of service providers are making apps like specific for OS and device. To keep up with the times, PlayOn really needs to come out with a server client for Mac and Linux and also improve the video quality. This will bring a lot more development to the platform.

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Thanks for the correction.

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The PlayOn media server supports UPnP and DLNA so it should work with any device that supports either of those protocols. There are dozens of free plugins for PlayOn that lets you get more content. You can check them out at http://www.playon.tv/playon/plugins

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I left out my noisy, tall, completely unattractive tower mods on purpose :)

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I also tried in the metro-STL area and no luck. The 2 K-Marts I tried said they haven't had any at all.. As in the product isn't in their system which is odd since it's "on sale" until 7/31... I'll keep trying nonetheless

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They need to recruit a designer..

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It should but might not have all functionality such as cover art and such.
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