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Oh wow, I totally didn't see this coming. You definitely did a good job of keeping any issues on the D.L.

It sounds like you're doing very well with everything. I wish you (and him) all of the best in the future.
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OMG Congrats Krystal!!!

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Yup, the wax is a total life saver. I had braces for four years and I doubt I could have survived without the wax.

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Wee! That's so exciting you finally got there!!! Congrats Krystal!

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Even though it is annoying that you can't count your free lance income, it obviously will be very beneficial to you in the long run that if you lose one of those income sources or don't want to do it anymore, it won't affect whether or not you can pay your mortgage. Probably, it is for the best in the long run.
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Very cool! If I wasn't in debt I would definitely be condo shopping right now. I am not at all at the points where I want a house but I'd love a small mortgage and my own place (with a HOA to take care of the yard work).

I think shopping for houses is really fun, so I hope that you guys enjoy it!

I guess I still haven't figured out when I buy a place what my goals are for the place. If it is a temporary purchase with a max life or 5-7 years, or if it is the house I want to live in for years and raise kids in. I don't know if I'd have the stomach to save $20-30k a SECOND time for a down payment. =)
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I had laser hair removal done on my legs and bikini area. I needed 8 treatments for my legs and had 10 done on my bikini area. That was two years ago and now I DEFINITELY need touch up appointments (especially for the bikini area).

I have the IDEAL hair/skin combination. I am exceptionally fair with very dark hair. So I'm the type of client who would need the LEAST amount of sessions.

So 5 is completely unideal. You'll still be shaving at least every 3 months if you just do 5 treatments.

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I hope you'll include me this time around!

My blog is about my life with money. From my career choices, my personal relationships, the daily accounting of purchases, to my net worth and investing. I'm trying to get debt free and obtain financial independence. One small (sometimes extremely tiny) step at a time.

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One of the things that took me a long time to realize was that "budget" wasn't a dirty word - it was a word for "money planning".

Having a "budget" or "money plan" is the WAY to afford all those things you want in life - for your entire life - not just for NOW.

I hope that your friend can see that a budget isn't the enemy - it is a tool of the powerful. =)
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Psss... what are you talking about. There is only ONE right way to do things. ;)