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It has always been 2 spaces. There is no need to change it.

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Why did they shut you down?

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Not much to add. Steven nailed it. Combined with short shelf life of tweets and the fact that my company serves clients in Canada, Asia, the Middle East, and the Caribbean, we really do need to have an on-line presence in other time zones. That is impossible to do without scheduling tweets or using a tool that will schedule them.

I am a big believer in Triberr and Twitterfeed. The key is to vet what you share from other tribe members and only put bloggers you really trust on your Twitterfeed. I learned this the hard was a couple of years ago:

Twitter and Twitterfeed: A Delicate Balance

I did an in-depth blog series that included 2 Twitter Chats focusing on this topic in which Triberr, and ilpostano were hosts. It seems to have had an impact on at least one major Twitter Chat host who seems to have changed his tune about, The series was inspired by a debate I got into with him and 1 other tweep one night. Glad to see he is now a fan:

- What's Up with Triberr & Bashing?

- 10 Tips for Using Triberr & Other Scheduled Sharing Twitter Tools

I hope ou will find this to be of some benefit

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I've been to Japan 5 times. These beautiful photos bring back the memories and make me lnow go go back there soon.

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Excellent work! Here is an example of targeted, focused team building that addresses organizational needs and improves performance. It's a welcome relief from a lot of the fluff that is sometimes passed off as team building in today's market. I have shared your success story on Linkedin in the International Business Team Building Alliance Group. Very nicely done Patrice!

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The Tough Guide to Corporate Survival for Executives

Focuses on innovative strategies to help organizations boost their bottom line and succeed even in the midst of turbulence. Provides real world case studies of companies around the world that have been able to thrive in a tough marketplace and economy through innovation.