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I'm sorry I missed the original discussion. I would have love to have participated. Did you know about Yvon phren's book on Church Connection Cards? I think she still has it for free on her website and on kindle.

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Don't forgot that developing nations may not have seen QR codes, nor have the smart phones to read them.

In my city, smart phones are ubiquitous, but I only have to go 5 km and plain candy bar type phones of off brands are all I see.

My own opinion is that QR codes have their place, but since they assume a certain financial capability of a person able to have a phone to read it, you can't have it as a main marketing channel, particularly if you work in low income areas in developing nations :)

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I know many church leaders are so overwhelmed with the other problems of ministry, that personal evangelism gets left behind.

Church members sometimes sabotage the personal evangelism of their leaders by not welcoming the new people in church, but complaining about those new people, etc. . . I had a personal friend who was eventually released from his church because he brought too many new people. . .


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I had an exact match domain that went from 15,000 page views monthly, to under 3,000.

Been working at it since January to try and change that. Reviewing all the content, adding new content, backing down keyword density - still haven't done enough . . :)

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May the Lord give us the eyes to see those around us who don't yet know Him and the saving grace offered in Christ.

Sometimes, we are just too busy:

Lord give me the eyes to see.

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I'm looking forward to participating. I've been blogging at EvangelismCoach.org for over 4 years = focused on helping people grow more comfortable in conversational evangelism, and helping churches with their evangelism strategies.

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Blogging helped me get my thoughts out of my head!

700 pages later, I still keep generating stuff out of my head.

Some of it now combined into two ebooks, and an audio home study course by cd and it generates some income for me each month.

It also expands our audience, and is a veritable resume! People read it, contact me, and sometimes pay me to come and speak to them.

I'm very grateful to my friend who told me how to blog, and then another friend who moved me to wordpress. The rest is my history.


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One website I read has a "bug of the month" contest, as it's website is over 1000 pages.

The 404 page has an explanation. .. along with a form to fill out, as does a link in the side bar on every page.

The website gives away a product of value to a random winner each month.

It essentially serves as a complaint department -- encouraging users to submit stuff, including any outdated information, broken links, even misspellings and poor grammar. . . . in the hopes of winning the free product.

Interesting idea, but effective community buildling

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My blogs are self hosted wordpress. I use the plugin

broken link checker.

from here:

It appears to run when I'm in the admin panel, and it also notes redirects. . . the most common broken links appear in my occasional link round up post to other sites, blogs that go dead, get deleted, or even change domain names, news articles that change locations and so on.

I fix a few every now and then, rather than obsess over them. Small steps at a time.

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The Featured post thingy is built into my theme. It's a little buggy as it loads it's own javascripts. I think that is one of the reasons I had to start using caches because the load time was getting to big. I just don't know enough to hack it and fix the code.

As to the comments, I'd love to see more. When I teach in person, I get lots of feedback, more ideas, and love the interaction. . it's not translating into buildling a community around a blog. Could be also that much of my audience only know how to browse, not interact.

Based on the customer service calls I get for my online book sales, about 10% strike me as entirely computer users that have learned how to move a mouse to click what they need and that's it. Just today, I had to show a person how to use the down arrow to scroll down a page.

I hope to make it back to FL some day and give conference over there. Would love to have another great sandwich.