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As a mother of both a son and daughter, I applaud both you and Mrs. Hall for your passionate posts and your desire to raise thoughtful, intelligent, contributing citizens of our world. You made some excellent points that expose some flaws with Mrs. Hall's post. I think Mrs. Hall meant well, and when I go to the mall, it's sometime hard for me not to gawk at the teenage girls too. There is a point to be made there. I think your post goes well with it, though. The point being: there's RESPONSIBILITY on both sides. ALL parents must accept this and guide their children accordingly.
Michael Hyatt wrote a post once (he has five daughters) and advised them that if their outfit would cause anyone to look at a body part first, before their eyes, they should re-consider there clothing choice. I like this advice, and I wish more parents would steer their kids this way. Yes, we do live in a very sexualized world, but I also don't think we have to accept that as just being the way it is. We need to speak up and put some healthy parameters around it, otherwise the line for "what's acceptable" gets blurred and continues to move down a path. We have to at least recognize this (for both our sons and daughters!!)
I love your writing and perspectives, but honestly, I am very surprised that you would allow an ad on your site like the one in the top-left corner. It's a very sexualized woman, and apparently it's a game or app that let's you create your own superhero. That's not the kind of superhero I want for EITHER of my kids. It's this kind of sexual culture that we need to speak against. I don't think this should be our "norm" and I wouldn't want to find it on a mom's blog either, especially one on this topic.

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Mike, this is a great idea. Thank you for initiating it.

I'll never forget this day, where I was and what I was doing when I first heard what was transpiring. My father was supposed to be on an airplane to the East coast that morning, and I was immediately concerned for him.

As the day and the tragic events unfolded, I learned that my father was safe, but thousands of others were not. And I still wept. Sobbed, in fact, knowing that people lost family members, friends, co-workers and more.

I still revel in the many heroic stories that have come from that day and the days that followed. But...never, ever will I forget the incredible loss that we, together as a country, endured that day. I pray for continued healing and peace for all who have been affected, and I pray for the ongoing safety of our country and our people.

Thanks, Mike!

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What a great idea, Mike! Thanks for running with it - way to LEAD!!____My blog: focus is on Authentic Leadership - employing a philosophy of leadership at all levels and encouraging everyone to lead with their strengths to work toward common goals. Authentic Leadership is people-focused, values-based and we believe leaders can have a positive impact on people's lives, as well as business results! You can also follow me on Twitter: @eschreyer