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I had a new one the other day. I'm a Systems Admin in IT, but I usually just say "IT" and if someone asks me for specifics, I oblige. I said my usual "I'm in IT," and the guy looked at me blankly and said, "What's that?"

In all my years of doing this (15+) I've never had that response. I take for granted that everyone has had to deal with the IT department at some time. Apparently not this guy, for better or for worse. :)

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As one of the aforementioned "Fancy IT Bastards" (I'm not a coder, but I am in IT Systems) that is _exactly_ what it is like. No one "appreciates" you until something breaks. And then that "appreciation" comes in the form of hurled staplers and thinly (or not so thinly) veiled death threats.

True story. One of my old bosses would lament the fact that he never saw me "doing work." His idea was, if he didn't see me walking around the building, I must not be doing my job. I actually had to tell him, "if you don't see me, then I'm doing my job. The last thing you want to see is me running around here like my hair's on fire. That means shit is broke." He left me alone after that.


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I'm going to go all hyperbole-y and say that The Constant is one of the finest episodes of TV I've seen. That list also includes episodes from the new BSG, Doctor Who and other geeky things. :D