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It just might occur to you that Fox news has a better record of telling the truth than CNN and MSNBC who openly lie about lots of stuff all the time and even had to admit to doing this.

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Polling people overseas about our own affairs is silly. Of course, they loved Obamba who was the candy man handing out goodies to everyone and sundry. Trump has to be the scrooge who takes it all back.

And no, we are not going to roast to death due to CO2.

I am shocked at the number of people on the left who want to make us all very poor by strangling us economically due to fantasy fears.

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Unfortunately for Europe, a huge number of these people are dangerous populations who want to destroy the counties they are in, that is, the illegal alien Muslim men.

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What a muddle of a 'story' here. The hatred of everyone and everything is obvious in this article. This reminds me that all 'revolutionaries' are monsters who kill millions of victims and then rule as despots until they die. No freedoms, no social stability, no sanity and anyone who imagines these 'revolutionaries' aren't very evil, just look at the horrors of Mao and his ugly wife, Madame Mao. Or visit North Korea.

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I will note here how the far left continues to deceive themselves by pretending that violent 'demonstrators' who are beating up Trump supporters are 'alt right' instead.

This is a blatant lie. The left has a very long and ugly history of violence, intimidation, mass murder and warmongering just like the right and they attack anyone who interferes with their rule.

The left better take some responsibility for these violent left wing terrorists!

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WRONG. We now have positive proof that university employees were part of the rioters attacking the students who wanted to hear Milos' speech.

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When Hillary talked at the debates about giving Russia 4 minutes to prepare for WWIII, Putin called upon his people to practice WWIII sheltering.

In the US, we were told that Hillary was going to protect us and no one went to shelters which don't exist, anyways, anymore.

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The Israel arms deal is at our expense. It is a gift. We pay for it.

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They foolishly gave him a Nobel Peace Prize when he did nothing and immediately he became a fanged toothed warmonger with the left cheering him on.

But then Hillary is a huge warmonger who even talked openly about starting WWIII with nuclear missiles during the last debate. And 'liberals' voted for her! Astonishing, isn't it?

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Dear Justin,

Minutes after you sent this email, the comment I made was banned.

Elaine Supkis