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42 weeks ago @ Dealbreaker - Deutsche Bank Analysts... · 0 replies · +1 points

Grantham: "My PhD thesis title would have been 'The Persistent Dominance of Superficially Appealing But Economically Inappropriate Market Influences.'"

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Here's the civilian version :) via IEEE Spectrum: http://spectrum.ieee.org/view-from-the-valley/consumer-electronics/portable-devices/do-you-really-need-a-smart-watch-or-just-a-smart-watch-back
I like that, and some of the looks here (even though larger) a lot better than Apple watches! The gloves with lights are really cute, especially that little round light and the tiny lights on the fingers.

162 weeks ago @ Defense Tech - US Air Force Targets a... · 0 replies · +2 points

Me too! I feel so happy after reading this. Someone posted the URL in a comment on a reddit conspiracy thread, to clarify what happened instead of someone's claim that USAF used Twitter to destroy a building. Usually, I feel depressed after reading anything on /r/conspiracy. This was one of the VERY few times I felt a nice frisson of delight!

164 weeks ago @ The State of Security - LogJam: Researchers Id... · 0 replies · +1 points

I visited the weakdh website earlier today, but somehow managed to overlook this part:

"to take advantage of this vulnerability an attacker needs to be on the same network as the victim, such as on the same Wi-Fi network"

It reminds me of Fire Sheep, but that was awhile ago, so I don't even recall the details, other than MITM attacks on WiFi, and of course, the endearing name with sheep.

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Bloomberg says Bernanke will even meet with PIMCO clients.

Brookings isn't getting their money's worth, paying him as a full-time employee.

174 weeks ago @ The State of Security - Possible ISIS Supporte... · 1 reply · +1 points

I read about the hack of that Montana credit union, in the local Butte news.

The targeted websites aren't related or anything especially high profile. Was there any other activity besides website defacement, in any of these incidents?

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I watched the video several times. I even checked New York Magazine, whose interpretation of butt buddy is the same as this site, Twitchy Team and most everyone else, Biden Gives Heartfelt Hello to ‘Old Butt Buddy’ During Speech http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2015/02/joe-...
"'butt buddies' is a term used by middle-school boys to describe inseparable friends who, owing to their close friendship, are probably doing it."

Could Biden have been referring to cigarette smoking, maybe? Regardless, what a bizarrely inappropriate thing to say.

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Spier also said that hedge fund portfolio managers perform better dead than alive.

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Hello YOYO. You didn't ask for a conversation with me, but here are my thoughts. I agree that cameras aren't a good idea. Surveillance is bad other than in limited circumstances. If the police are constantly being filmed (by the public and by monitors they must wear while working) then I don't see why there is any issue with the press filming the public misbehaving.

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Hello Kevin!
Agricultural cooperatives work very well. That is the only sort of "venture communism" that has been a proven success. I think it would make sense to extend the paradigm of the farmer's co-op to high-tech and the internet. There are sufficient commonalities. Data centers needn't be owned by L-3 but rather owned jointly by a those websites who use them, for example. (As a term, "venture communism" will not get taken seriously by anyone, so I advise choosing another phrase.)

The passage you quoted from Rushkoff is okay, but I was disappointed in him, once I read him at length. Thank G-d you didn't mention "sharing economy" or abundance or freelance workforce! Those concepts have devolved into just another means for plutocrats to oppress.

Happy New Year to you and C4SS. I hope that 2015 is better than 2014, for all of us.
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