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Oh fun! I am literally about to go do this for the 1st time ever in about 2 hours! Hoping it's awesome.

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Being a woman sucks sometimes. I hear you. Fingers crossed for a straightforward diagnosis.

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That sounds like a PERFECT job! Six weeks of time off! I can't lie, I'm slightly envious (yes I know, even unpaid).

I also work in tourism now and holding out to go on a famil at some point!

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Ugh, I hear you. I HEAR YOU.

Finance on new cars here is nowhere near as good in the US so we wound up ruling that out. Looks like we'll be taking a gamble on a used car, but as new as we can afford.

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Husband is an ace at this. I lack this ability. I am getting slightly better, but it is definitely not a natural thing for me. If cooking ability is genetic, I don't have it!

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I may be biased but I think it's hard to beat NZ's beaches! That said I adored the beaches on Santorini (not that that was a surprise). Have yet to make it to Ireland but determined to make it hapen :)

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Oh man, that would be my worst nightmare. Backing up to my blog and Facebook was something I did as often as possible in my paranoia! :(

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I actually do not drink coffee, which was probably in my favour while travelling! I did of course try Vietnamese coffee which I thought was nice enough, but man was it strong.

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Sounds like you're doing amazingly well for month 1! It may take awhile to find your flow but you'll get into a routine and figure out your balance with practice.

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Sounds epic! Were we there the same time (Easter week?)

Didn't notice tattoos. What struck me was the abundance of white dude/Asian female couples - sooo many, unsure if they were locals or visitors. (More observations here: