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Did you contemplate a life of celibacy after that?

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Buy Aussie dollar!
What other OECD country has lifted the interest rate 4 times since the recession (not that we had one)?

I think I read an article that opposes this Keynesian view of consumer spending. I forgot what their premise is (Is it even worth mentioning that I forgot? :D).

Improved consumer spending increases the velocity of money circulation then increases the GDP hence giving the overall feeling of better economy. It might be good, but not sustainable. Plus human, market, politicians, economy and L. Ron Hubbard are not logical. So, we're doomed to live in the disparity between concept and reality, my friend.

My recent post Day 22: Where Do You Draw Inspiration?

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On the other part of the world, I have "Charlie bit my finger" t-shirt *cheeky grin*

Ps. We have a system where the employer has mandatory 9% contribution to our retirement account but it can't be touched until I reach 64. Lately I have started my "retired by 45" account that can be accessed earlier. Why wait too long?