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Do we know how it behaves when docked? One of my favourite features of the Nexus One is that when docked it turns into a clock radio. Dock it every night, it charges and wakes me up. I'm afraid it is such a useful feature that it is influencing my replacement phone decision, and the other recent Android smartphones have no docking pins.

I don't want to dock every night in the HDMI dock as it uses the micro USB and that will fail after a year of docking. How does the Galaxy Nexus behave when docked in the desktop dock? Does it switch to a landscape alarm clock???

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Sync to a phone is useless until they provide a way to filter what gets sent, as the phone is a smaller device. And previous versions synced into phone's memory, not SD card. Has this been fixed?

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Wow. I do a lot of photography and I thought, given the scenario, that photo was pretty good. Anyone who understands photography knows that:
a) what is in focus is determined by the depth of field; which is determined by the aperture setting
b) the aperture setting (along with shutter speed) depends how well lit the scene is. Hard to compare between test shots unless you put two cameras/phones side by side in the same lighting. Don't try to compare photos not taken in the identical conditions.
c) the subject was on a diagonal, meaning the left and right sides where not equidistant to the camera. Except in extreme cases with very small aperture settings no camera in the world will have both sides in focus.

Plus - what are you looking for? Phones are communication devices, and most photos are snapshots of friends, not landscape photography. If I had to rate the importance of the quality of photos of my communications device, this would be one of the least important criteria. I'm a photographer and I would rate phone photos as only somewhat interesting, less than 5% of the importance of what I use my phone for. Almost everything else is more important.

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those companies were once ahead in terms of quality and cost to build, but are no longer, if you read the reviews and examine the productivity rates. shame toyota did not have this, perhaps someone could have debugged their out of control acceleration problem for them. I recall Steve Wozniak citing it as a reproducable software prlbme many months ago..

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Enormous price given features in Froyo and other apps. Would never pay more tha $10 for syn'ing software, even the best OTA syncing.

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Jimmy, you're wasting our oxygen. Unless you have something intelligent to say, and not a factless rant, go back and play in the iSandbox.