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Just blogged about this myself over at my site. G-d, I hope Turkey is dumb enough to start a war. I just hope they do, so we can send a couple thousand more Muslims to the bottom of their ocean, a few hundred feet closer to hell.

Think about it. The Islamofascist Jihadists illegally try to block a rightful blockade and invade Israeli territory. Then they proceed to beat innocent Israeli soldiers with steel pipes and stab them with knives, and throw them all overboard, for no reason other than the fact that they're Israeli Jews. Then they have the gall to turn around and claim to be the victims.

If anything, the US needs to keep more money flowing to Israel in order to help the Jews fight against the barbaric Islamofascist terrorists who want to "wipe Israel off the map".

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This is a great blog - if our government had any sense they would deport all Muslims and strip them of their citizenship. This should go double for white, American-born converts.