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Scott, honored by the shout out. I respect you and your work.

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Thank you for the shout out! Best success.

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You kind words are encouraging to me. I respect you and your work.

Here's to your continued success.

My recent post How to Speak Like the Pros

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Brilliant video Scott... Clear, brief, and actionable.

Your tip to ask for suggestions in the third person really works.

Thank you for all you do for leaders,


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Renee, Thank you for the repost! I'm thankful you found something I wrote useful to your audience. Cheers, Dan

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Hi Randy,

Thank you for this repost. I love thinking about the #1 essential quality that opens the door to leadership.

Today, I'm think it's something more than believing you matter. Today's version is: Believing you can make others matter.

I'm still working on it...



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Thanks Jane, I enjoyed the term reciprocity in your post. Connecting doesn't mean you become a door mat. Always begin with generosity. In that way you start the wheels of connection rolling. Those who never reciprocate with generosity, however, may need to be placed on stage left. Best to you, Dan

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To use your analogy, we hire guides because they take us where we want to go.

Skillful leaders create alignment of values, mission, and vision.

Thanks for a memorable and instructive illustration.



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Hi Jennifer,

Challenging article because it's practical and measurable. Thank you.

The first thing that came to my mind is the leaders role in creating an organizational culture where people connect with each other and the boss in ways the encourage, enable, and give direction.

I guess thats another post.



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Hi David, Thanks for your insights. I appreciate it.