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Joe, you have really outdone yourself with this one. At the risk of getting skewered in this forum, I will say I've never really been that into Primus, but I totally respect the bass awesomeness that is Les Claypool.

Excellent progression of questions and as always a little bit of "dude" humor to stay true to you! Fantastic read and great information!


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They could sell their wine all day long if they could impart a little of that Santorini view and Greek history with every bottle. I look forward to hearing more about the journey! Cheers!


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You have a gift for creating a beautiful video that shares the heart of what the winery / winemaker wants to do. I love how you put these together in under 2-3 minute segments.


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Joe, you have been elevated to a new height of coolness in my book. I won't lie, I was looking for a few juicy bombs that brought up some of Parker's oft quoted mis-speaks about bloggers, fruit bombs, the 100 pt score debate, etc.

Regarding scores... I also have do deduct a point for lack of the obligitory Rush question (as mentioned by Jason)...this post earns a 94 (or in 1WineDude speak a solid A)

Cheers, Joe!

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Joe - 1) I'm so jealous right now 2) I like the Cahors marketing campaign. It's distinctive from Argentina Malbec. I'm not sure they're making as strong a play as they could in the US right now...so hopefully getting some traditional and non traditional media support with help them out. I'm looking forward to your posts on this, especially the paragliding pictures.

P.S. Washington State is making some kick ass Malbec!


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I must be lucky so far, of the 130+ wines I've reviewed in the last 6 months, I've only had 2 off bottles that could be attributed to either cork taint or cooked. BUT - I know the issue is definitely crazy and just a little unwell...


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Wow! Thanks for digging these up and sharing, Joe - I know it took some extra effort! Your millions of fans appreciate it.


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Excellent interview guys! I love this line "Take the buzzword “social media” out of it and call it what it really is — people talking to each other over the Internet. For wineries, there are consumers out there who want to talk to you. Fish where the fish are."

It's so true, all this social media stuff is just conversations between people with similar interests or business connections/product interactions.


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I was hoping to see a few pictures. Would it be illegal for you to scan the book and post some here ;) (j/j)

$60 is a lot to spend on a coffee table book.


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Regardless of if we've reached critical mass in wine blogging, the quality will rise to the top. I don't know how many newbies there are from year to year, but as one of this years newbies, I do notice a lot of folks that also started in the last six-nine months too. I think you bring to light two great comments here.

"I’m probably gonna write about wine no matter the frequency of UPS or FedEx..." - This is true for a lot of people. I certainly didn't get into this to get free samples. Some good wine blogs probably die because of change in life situation, divorce, marriage, job change, kids, etc.

"But I don’t think it would hurt for PR folks to do a little more digging into blog readership..." - Totally agree. Why would a PR person from Virginia send me a sample of their small lot production that doesn't have distribution past Roanoke. The only readers I have from VA are other bloggers. Send those samples to Sonadora, Raelinn, etc.

As always Joe, you balance controversy, humor, and information in a way that is rarely matched!