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LOL, what great timing. Did the rocket go high? Must get one of them for my son! :)

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And this is definitely not the answer either: Vim through an ssh session. I have hardly any code on my local machine.

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Stunt Car Racer works a treat in Frodo! :)

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Perhaps your feet can't breath as you're not wearing socks and the shoes would I presume be tight on your feet? I've hardly ever seen them on this side of the world, but I do remember walking to a bar with Matt when he was in Dublin a few months ago and saw a guy walking down the street wearing a black pair.

So, something for the single lads on a night out then? Just hope the girls don't find out about the smell ...

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That's mad stuff that is! You should probably warn people that bluetooth has quite a range and can go through walls and floors. I was trying to get my PS3 controller hooked up to my Macbook in the kitchen and I was confused when the little "connected" light lit up but the Macbook was't seeing it.

Only later when I returned upstairs did I find the PS3 on, and I had browsed to the users menu. Luckily no damage had been done!

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My wife still clips items out of the Sunday Times. Good thing too because they've put a paywall up on their site, and besides, much of their Irish content isn't available on the UK website :(

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Is that the pier now? I recognise the windows but not all the tables and books! Good work today by all accounts!

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That's a great idea, I'll install that when you release it. I presume you can filter it by min number of comments?