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Yum! My sweet potato smoothie involves greek yogurt, almond milk, and pumpkin pie spice. LOVE these things!

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Hi Jenny- This is our cooking blog, yes :)  Welcome!

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Hi Vicki- I appreciate your comment!  I have ground raw rice into flour to make mochi, and it worked fine.  However, it's easier to buy a little box of glutinous rice flour than it is to purchase 10 pounds of glutinous rice and try and find a way to use it up!  The rice I ground was regular short grain calrose, which didn't have quite the gummy texture that glutinous rice flour does.

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I have an an ancient Vitamix, but this would work with any blender! Because you will strain it, the size of the pulp chunks won't matter.

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That first picture is amazing!! These were really good....J gave me a sheepish look as he bit into one, "Are these to share? Did you have one already?" I told him I'd had one at your house, but wouldn't mind him sharing....but when I looked around, he was gone. And so were the cookies.

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Hey, you got your countdown calendar you wanted! Mine is currently counting down to your birthday...the kids made your cards tonight :)

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That is some fancy-pants fish! You even made a garnish...I'm not sure we can be friend any more ;)

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Great! Glad you liked it!

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I love leaf prints, this is perfect!

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Boo :(. Holidays and gifts have become my least favorite things- I always feel like the gifts I give aren't good enough, and hate that I'm often dissatisfied in how I'm treated on holidays. It's terrible, I know. I've fallen in love with an app called Calorie Count- I can log my activity and food and get an up to the minute report on my calories, vitamins, fiber, fat, sugar, carbs... Balm for my food-loving, sleep-deprived, hungry soul.