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thanks :-) the author is not a woman, does not have female hormones, life experience or point of view, likely has not been through a painful divorce (i may be wrong but anyone who has would not be so judgemental), or travelled to other continents in order to gain experiences that would otherwise remain unhad by hiding at home. i have and have done all of these things and am still doing them at 39. my experiences are mine, no one else's, and they have specific, special meaning to me. it is my journey, not someone else's, so who gives him the right to judge? yes, hollywood destroys books and makes crap movies, but criticise the film-making, not the real-life experience of the person who wrote it. this is a person, someone's wife, daughter, sister and friend. i could look at this mineral-digging scholarly author and judge his experiences as being mind-numbingly boring and meaningless, but i have not lived one second in his shoes, and i have no idea what precious meaning minerals might hold for him on a spiritual level. and you know what? i don't need to get it. it is simply not my place, and the resulting shoddy karma would not serve me well.

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me too :-)

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of course he has to think about it - he's a man, trying to understand something that is 'chickcentric' by it's very nature. i don't have to 'think' about it- i have read the book numerous times and it resonates with me and many other women on a deep level. there is no thinking involved, just a sense of 'i get you'. why do men have to tromp on things they don't intuitively understand? and why should i argue something. you either get this or you don't, and if you don't, why attack those who do?

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This is such a typical Canadian male response...making an unnecessarily bitchy, 'pay attention to me' response to something he just doesn't get instead of just admiting he doesn't understand it. Why be so nasty - you simply don't get it, end of story. Why not stick to writing what you do know...extracting minerals or something exciting like that.

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Fabulous blog by my friend Nigel: http://slowfoodfromjapan.blogspot.com/