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Wine Advocate had their reviews used, too. Natalie removed those, as well as those from Jancis' Purple Pages. Everybody else, though, she is just doing a big cut-and-paste to change initials to names and publications. They still appeared in the Google Cache, though.

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Hey Bob.

I understand there was a break-in at a Washington hotel, and perhaps it had something to do with politics. But it's already been covered. Plus, lots of people already think politicians are dirty. So why talk about it?


If bloggers want to be taken seriously as journalists, how do they ignore a scandal in the industry?

I'm with Evan on this one.

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Nicely done. I wrote pretty much the exact same article last year evaluating 5034- http://palatepress.com/2010/04/wine/hr-5034-an-an... - and it seems they've not done any better the second time around.

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Everybody at Palate Press is behind you.


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Joe, I don't know if your readers are interested, but we're going to have an open forum discussion on blogging and the law, and in partcular wine blogging, tomorrow from 9-10 Eastern. The forum site is - http://palatepress.com/forum/palate-press-stories... and the story it will be based on, other than obviously the Blake Gray story, is here- http://palatepress.com/2010/09/wine-bloggers-and-...

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Biting satire, contempt for points, sounds like Tish (except I think Tish would be funnier, but he's bright enough to make that part of the gag).

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Congratulations Joe. The nomination is well deserved, though I've got to say, having an ad with Jennifer Garner in it during the voting seems like cheating. Heck, I almost voted for you. ; )