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Flores, this was beautiful. So beautiful you moved me to my first ever comment on my husband's blog. Sharing joy and sorrow and admiration and anger and elation, even with strangers, is one of the things that has kept us feeling rooted even while living far, far away. There are plenty of people who would criticize us for finding that in something so apparently trivial, but I think you answered that about as well as it can be answered. Thank you.

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You are the one claiming that a rule that did not change even a letter, changed.

The problem was that there were a couple of crews that had stopped calling the penalty altogether. They were instructed that they were wrong, and they needed to obey the rules as written.

That's not a rule change. Not even close.

(whoops, signed in on my wife's computer. Nice hat, Deb) DZ

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I'd say you've captured a cat's attitude perfectly. And if I (hopefully never) ever have two cats, I'm totally naming them Thing 1 and Thing 2. Brilliant.

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Oh man, I mostly feel like my kids are like me when they're being snotty, too. This parenting thing is a wild ride. Thanks for the post.

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That's completely hilarious. I just laughed out loud about charging only 10 dollars to view your vagina and then had to deflect my husband asking me what was so funny. Um...nothing, dear. Inappropriate laughter may be one of my favorite things ever.

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Looks like a great time